Monday Morning Quick Tip – Postcards Aren’t The Only Item That Can Carry Your Horsebiz Message

Last Friday’s 52 Fridays post about creative ways to use postcards in marketing your horsebiz turned out to be a 5-star favorite – thanks to all the readers who shared their own tips and thoughts on the topic of postcard marketing! However, those aren’t the only collateral items that can carry your marketing messages to the masses.

One option that dropped into my email inbox recently is from Vistaprint, an online company that puts printing on everything from business cards to bumper stickers. I used to get my business cards through Vistaprint when they first started, and I’ve been thinking about giving them a try again.

The option they sent to me is t-shirt printing; they were doing a promo on ‘one white t-shirt free’ which I just might take them up on to see what the quality is like. Here are Vistaprint’s Top 5 suggestions for using t-shirts in a business.


There are other sites for getting t-shirts printed, such as Zazzle and Cafepress. Are there any online printing websites you’ve used? Share your experience (good OR bad) via the Comments link below.

Vistaprint’s email also included lots of specials and freebies; I’m able to ‘mail this offer to a friend’ so if you’d like a copy of that email passed along to you for some good savings on printed marketing collateral, send me a message via the Comments link and I’ll forward the email to you. Your request and email address won’t be made public.

One postcard comment over the weekend mentioned the ins & outs of actually mailing the postcards, and the design considerations along the way if you’re going to mail them; in looking over Vistaprint’s site, it turns out they have an option for mailing the postcards for you, including getting a bulk postage rate, and mailing lists you can buy; here’s a 6-page guide to postcard marketing from their website, which has very good tips and ideas even if you don’t order your postcards through them.

As with any marketing tactic, it’s essential to tie strategy to your goals. What do you want to accomplish? That’s the question to ask first, before you order any printed merchandise.

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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – Postcards Aren’t The Only Item That Can Carry Your Horsebiz Message

  1. Great ideas Lisa! Yes please pass along the deal 😀 Also, again if you’re a very small business and think you can’t afford to order any quantity from companies, you can get Ink Jet Printable Iron on supplies from Office Depot and Avery brands. I personally have utilized Office Depot’s product and produced Sweat Shirts for some of my puppy owners that went to the Belgian Tervuren National Specialty to help promote my own kennel. I got a ton of compliments and “Where can I order these?” questions. Total investment for 5 sweatshirts was $45 USD.

    I have also produced my own bumper stickers and magnets when I only needed a few. Once you start needing more then 20-30 at a time, it is more cost effective to utilize places like Vista Print that offer volume discounts.

    • Hi Karyn, the Vistaprint email is flying to your inbox through cyberspace! And thanks for sharing your personal experience on the ‘small quantity’ printing options – just because a horsebiz is a small one doesn’t mean it can’t do quality printed goods, just like the big boys! So many options now available, there’s something to fit every size equestrian business. LK

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