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New:  Lisa Kemp has been a valuable resource over the last three years.   She has always been there to bounce ideas and get her opinion on all things marketing and new media.  Lisa has also been instrumental in helping get Horse World Gives Back and the Equestrian New Media Meetups off the ground and become the successes they were.  I appreciate all the help and long conversations I’ve had with Lisa on the fast changing marketing in the New Media world.

Glenn the Geek, Horse Radio Network

Lisa has a solid understanding of social media and she isn’t afraid to use it. In an industry full of outdoor-types it’s not always easy to find people who are interested in online marketing, much less heavily involved with it. She knows her stuff, she’s a great communicator and she always makes time to be personable to those around her. I’m subscribed to her RSS and look forward to reading more about her unique marketing perspective on the equine industry.

Paige Filler, The Equinest

Lisa Kemp is a natural at using social media to create community within the equine industry. She’s a sharp and effective communicator, with a knack for generating audience interest and engagement in her stories and campaigns.

Molly Knott, Dappled Grey – Weekly Guide to the English Equestrian Lifestyle

If you’re in a business pertaining to horses, you’re probably too busy with your daily routine to get your message out to your current and potential customers. Or, you may be baffled as to where to begin.  Lisa Kemp understands these challenges – whatever your equestrian discipline — and can help you cut through the jumble to get your story told to the customer base you want.

Rhonda Lane, The Horsey Set Net

Lisa is consistently a dynamic presence in equestrian social media, not only connecting with other equine businesses, but also soliciting feedback on marketing and media issues. Her ability to communicate personally makes her approachable and an asset in a new business environment where so many interactions happen online.

Darley Newman, Equitrekking on PBS

Lisa Kemp is a gifted writer, an insightful marketing/PR guru, and a fabulous Connector. She’s an excellent brainstorming partner and coach, and an advocate for doing things the RIGHT way. Her insights are both plentiful and spot-on. But of even greater import is that she’s a caring and capable human being. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and working with, Lisa Kemp for several years now, and I’m proud to be able to call “Leeeeesa” my friend.

Barry Zweibel, Gotta Getta Coach!, Inc.

Lisa Kemp is the consummate marketing professional.  I’ve worked with Lisa in many roles – as a collaborator on joint projects, as an editor for her freelance writing work, and as a publisher on behalf of her public relations clients.  In all cases, she has been the perfect balance of fun, personality, and professionalism.  I can’t wait for the next chance to work with Lisa.

Andy Hayes, Sharing Travel Experiences and Travel Online Partners

What I like about Lisa is that she knows everyone in the business, which makes her a great resource. If I need something, I turn to her first.

Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, Valentina’s Equine News

As long as I’ve been in contact with Lisa, she has always been incredibly generous with her insight, and assistance. Her advice is never unsolicited, and is always given without reservation.   As I have developed my network, I am not only proud, but honored to count her among my friends.  I look forward to expanding my relationship with her and I strongly recommend everyone to do the same.

Robin Shen, The Enlightened Horseman