52 Fridays – #33 A Stickery Situation For Your Horsebiz

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In addition to postcards, custom stickers are low-cost marketing collateral tools that are often overlooked, and it’s a real shame. Whether you get them as individual stickers or on a roll, or even print them yourself, branded stickers have lots of uses for your horsebiz.

Stickers from Be A Girl Today

While you might eventually use printed stickers for a variety of purposes, it’s good to have at least some idea of what they’ll get used for so you can determine what kind of printing you need. Outdoors on truck bumpers and trailers? Be sure they’re light-safe and waterproof. Indoors on paper products like folders or brochures? You’ve got a bit more leeway in terms of color-fastness, etc. If you’re not sure, discuss it with your selected sticker printer.

However you decide to use stickers, please remember: Don’t place them on someone else’s stuff! Some folks do it as a ‘guerrilla marketing’ tactic, but it can be a pain to remove stickers from some surfaces, and it’s defacing property, which might have legal implications in your area. Not to mention, it’s a poor reflection on your brand. Better to use stickers responsibly.

Want some creative ways to use stickers? Here you go….

  • Branded giveaways at horse expos or tradeshows: Just about any giveaway item can have a logo sticker slapped on it – a book, magazine, coffee mug, gas card, or rolled-up t-shirt. Even if the recipient takes it off, the sticker has at least served its purpose, to make an impression on the viewer. And, lots of kids like collecting stickers! I collect interesting ones and use them on my annual planner, so I know at a glance what year the planner is for by what sticker(s) I’ve put on it. If you can have a variety of designs on one roll or sheet, such as your logo plus a bunch of great horse images or cool new products, they’re even that much more desirable.
  • Interim re-branding tool: Years ago I was at an organization that underwent a logo redesign. The mandate from the CEO was that none of the old logo letterhead or marketing materials could be used. Rather than pitch it all into the dumpster, I came up with the idea of using stickers, printed with the new logo, to cover up the old one. We saved hundreds (thousands?) of dollars in printed material we didn’t have to throw away. Plus, those stickers also had an extended shelf life, getting put onto things like presentation folders and gift tags. You can also save money by buying non-logo things like plain invoices or bags, and putting your logo sticker on them.
  • Sticker as promotional campaign: The Be A Girl Today apparel company (where ‘girls are athletes, not tomboys’) has a line of ‘Ride Like A Girl’ t-shirts and accessories, including stickers. Once a week they have Free Sticker Tuesday; you can email them your address and they’ll send you a sticker of your choice in the mail. They’re great stickers, good quality and big, and it’s a fun thing for a girl of any age to receive in the mailbox, especially for free. Follow them on Twitter, too!

As for where to get stickers, here’s a chart at Top Ten Reviews that compares ten different custom sticker services, with information on pricing, product selection, shipping & payment, and reviews; I haven’t used any of these sites so you’re on your own there, but it’s good to get an idea of what’s available in the market. They also have a Learning Center with articles about stickers. Avery makes a variety of DIY sticker papers you can run through your printer, if you want to give stickers a try before committing to a large quantity.

Stickers can be great for reinforcing awareness of your brand, and helping it ‘stick’ in the mind of your current and potential customers.

Got a stickery idea? Share it, or your 52 Fridays-inspired success stories or marketing tactics, via the Leave a Comment link below. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #34!

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2 responses to “52 Fridays – #33 A Stickery Situation For Your Horsebiz

  1. Something I love to do is create custom stickers for Horses or Dogs that I sell with my farm name and their formal reg’d name. I create a personal folder for each animal and it’s got a custom sticker with its photo, reg’d name and my farm name in the center of the folder. Inside the folder are registration paperwork, health records, training information, feeding instructions, coupons for the kind of feed I’m recommending, and if a horse, a years subscription to “The Horse Journal” as I find it a wonderful resource and a years subscription to “The Whole Dog Journal” if it’s a dog. I include a few of the customized stickers as well. I print them on my own printer, they don’t cost a ton but people repeatedly tell me how much they love it!

    Another great thing you can do is get Stickers printed up with your farm name and logo and your emergency number. When you’re creating stall cards at horse shows or crate tags at dog shows you just slap a sticker on that looks neat, professional and is easy to read in case of emergency 🙂

    I also put stickers on all of my portable electronics! Helps deter someone from trying to grab it while I”m at a coffee shop, airport, etc AND what better surface to use as a walking advertisement than the back of your cell phone, tablet, netbook or laptop? 🙂

    Yes I’m a “sticky” kind of person LOL

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