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I’m Glad You’re Here….

Thanks for stopping by! With any new endeavor, it takes a while to get rolling. Since this is a new blog, there’s not a lot of content…yet! I hope you’ll check in often and see what new and interesting things I’ve come across. You can sign up for alerts by email in the box to the right – that way you’ll get an alert when there’s something new.

In the meantime, here’s some stuff to get us started on a long and hopefully productive and satisfying relationship:

  • There’s a survey on ‘what’s your biggest marketing challenge’ (below)
  • My first blog post – ‘Welcome to No Biz Like Horse Biz’ – has some stats from a recent survey from American Horse Publications of horse owners and the state of the industry. What could this information mean to future marketing efforts? We’ll explore that over the next few weeks.
  • I’ve posted some links to my equine magazine online articles under the ‘Articles’ tab – lots of reading there, on a variety of topics. More articles and links will come over the next few weeks.

And, as always, please send your comments, I’d love to hear how your own marketing efforts are progressing!

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