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News: Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women List, and @KempEquine Is On It

A couple of Twitter ‘badass women’ themselves, @HowellMarketing and @AdamsConsulting, have compiled a list of their ‘Twitter Top 75 Badass Women’ – and I was completely surprised to find myself on the list.

Their definition of ‘badass’ is a bit different than most (see below); I’m very honored to have been included in this category! And, I think I’m the lone ‘horse person’ on the list – you can read below why I think that’s a good thing for the equine industry.

Normally I’d just include a link to the news release I sent out via the American Horse Publications (AHP) newsgroup, but since news releases are only archived at the AHP site for a few months, I’m including the full text below. If you’re on Twitter, you might want to check out the list – there are some really awesome & interesting women there!


Lisa Kemp Named One Of ‘Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women’

What does Lisa Kemp have in common with Alyssa Milano and Adventure Girl? They’re all ‘Twitter badasses’ according to a new list at BitRebel.com.

Compiled by Atlanta-based Diana Adams of Adams Consulting Group, Inc. and Amy Howell of Howell Marketing Strategies in Memphis, Tenn., the list includes entrepreneurs, moms, and wives; single chicks and creative types; and female movers and shakers from across the U.S. and beyond. The pair had a ‘selection criteria’ of ‘like-minded, talented, hard working, smart women’ who inspire them on a daily basis. Here’s what they had to say about the list:

This list is different from most of the ones you’ll find. These aren’t the most popular women, or the women with the most followers. This is a list of women who are making it happen day in and day out, and they are tweeting their butts off in the process. They share and care consistently, and are always there to engage with their followers.

These women are badasses because their style is instantly recognizable, and they exude confidence and humility whether they have 100 followers or 1,000,000 followers. Like a pair of good sunglasses or your favorite pair of jeans, they just feel good, and they know how to make others around them feel special.

As the lone equine industry representative on the list, Lisa is thrilled to be included, not only for herself but also for what it means to the horse world.

“I love it when horse stuff ‘crosses over’ into the mainstream. To me, it’s always an opportunity to expose others to what’s great about horses and why we love them so much, to invite them into our world to experience what it’s about. I’m honored to be included with such a great group of women, and only hope I can live up to the title of ‘Twitter badass.’”


About Lisa Kemp and Kemp Equine

Lisa Kemp is a multi-award winning writer and marketing consultant for the equine industry, helping horse business owners and managers make the most of their marketing budget with innovative strategies and creative uses of technology. In addition to being named a ‘Twitter badass,’ Lisa was recently nominated as a finalist in the inaugural Equestrian Social Media Awards, in the category of ‘Best Use of Twitter.’ Since 2006 she’s written about how horse businesses can use technology and word of mouth strategies for greater marketing success; Lisa now blogs about equestrian business marketing at NoBizLikeHorseBiz.com.

About Twitter

Twitter is a free social media ‘microblogging’ site, where ‘blog posts’ (called ‘tweets’) are limited to 140 characters per post. Since going online in 2006, Twitter has seen phenomenal growth; from 400,000 tweets per quarter in 2007, to 65 million tweets daily in June, 2010. This translates to about 750 tweets per second. Twitter is estimated to have over 190 million users worldwide. (source: Wikipedia.com)


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Monday Morning Quickie – First-Ever Equestrian Social Media Awards

The first-ever Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) has been launched by a pair of social-media-savvy equestrian industry professionals from ‘across the pond’ – and KempEquine is a finalist in the ‘Best Use of Twitter – International’ division!

Rhea Freeman of Rhea Freeman PR, and Liam Killen of Abbeyview Equine and PagePlay are the masterminds behind the ESMAs. The nominating process is now over, and voting is open until February 18, 2011. We caught up with Liam to get the inside scoop behind the ESMAs.

How did the ESMAs come about? The idea was all Rhea’s. True to form, she sent me a direct message via Twitter with the idea at around 11am, by 10pm we had the strategy written and were ready to launch! It just goes to show how an idea, well presented, can travel the globe via social media (SM) in under 24 hours. The power of social media is huge.

What are you hoping to accomplish with the ESMAs? The whole idea behind the ESMAs is that people who put a bit of thought and effort into their SM activity need to be rewarded. It’s also a great way to gauge your follower/fan responsiveness. Also, the SM equestrian community is growing by the day.

The nomination period was short when compared to the voting period – why? We kept the nomination period short because we knew the right people would pick up on it, just by doing what they’re doing. Those who value SM look out for trends and opportunities – and they make the most of them. Their vigilance has served them well! In 10 days we counted just shy of 4000 nominations.

How is the voting coming along? Less than 24 hours after announcing the finalists, we had 2000+ sets of votes from across the globe. Voting closes in February, and we’re limiting votes to ONE per person.

How will the winners be announced? We will be asking winners to send us a short acceptance speech video, no more than 1 minute long. We’re then going to once again keep it true to SM by creating a YouTube awards ceremony in a series of videos.

Many thanks, Liam Killen, for the insights on the ESMAs! You can vote for Kemp Equine in the ESMAs here – it’s Category 3, Best Use of Twitter under the International side. You’ll have to enter a valid email address, and you can only vote ONCE.

It was an honor and a thrill to find I’d been nominated by my equestrian fans and followers – since there are so many doing great things with social media I didn’t think I had a chance. So now that you’ve given me your vote of confidence in the ESMAs, I guess I better spread the word and give it a real go to win. I’ll announce the results here, and post the link to the ESMA ‘online awards ceremony’ – should be interesting! And thanks in advance for voting for me!


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Monday Morning Quickie – Get The Most From Your Logo

Logos are very helpful in the business world – they convey in ‘shorthand’ what your business is about. You can put logos on just about anything, from letterhead to gift items for clients.

These days, your logo can even serve as your ‘avatar’ image on social media such as Twitter and Facebook; setting up your logo as a Gravatar, a globally recognized avatar that will ‘follow’ you and show up when you post at places like blogs and Web forums, is a smart strategy and very easy to do.

Since you’ll have a logo for some time, it pays to consider the design, and the designer, carefully.

  • Bookmark sites with logos you admire, or copy and paste them into a document (with the URL for follow-up!), or print them out and put them into a paper file for discussion with your logo designer. Having some ideas helps provide a starting point for what you do and don’t want in your own logo.
  • Find out who designed the logos you like, and whether they can design a logo for you within your budget. Most designers will provide you with a few variations to consider initially, plus a final version.
  • A good logo designer will spend time asking about your business, both current operations and your vision into the future.
  • They’ll also ask how you plan to use the logo; the more detailed & ornate a logo is, the less satisfactory results can be when you do something like screenprinting or embroidery (for example, on a t-shirt or fleece vest, etc.)

There are some options for free & low-cost designs on the Web; simply google ‘free logo design’ to find them. The caveat is that these can sometimes look ‘same-y’ especially if you’re using a template that other horse businesses might use; the upside is that it can get you rolling at a low cost, and once your cashflow improves you can launch a logo redesign.

It’s especially helpful to have logo files in a variety of sizes and resolutions, and both with white backgrounds and no backgrounds, so your logo can be used in a variety of ways. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to use a logo as an overlay on an image or document, and having your only version be one with a big white box surrounding it!

Logo files can be used as watermarks on documents or images; set up as letterhead, envelope, and label templates; printed onto Avery iron-on transfers for small quantities of custom logo gifts for clients; used in Web banner ads and messages on your Web site; and any number of other applications.

How do you use logo files for your horse business? If you have an idea I didn’t share here, send me a message via the Comments on this page, and I’ll post the ideas!


Happy Holidays to all my readers and subscribers, and thanks for a great first year on my blog! I appreciate all your comments and support, and look forward to sharing even more great marketing stuff in 2011. Be safe and warm, and enjoy your time with two- and four-legged loved ones!  Lisa




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Monday Morning Quickie – Like It Or Not, Twitter’s Worth A Look

Many people tell me they prefer Facebook over Twitter. Either they find Twitter too confusing, or they say they don’t like the updates about what someone had for lunch or what music they’re currently listening to. However, with Twitter’s evolution and recent growth, it might be worth a second look as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Twitter has had phenomenal growth this year. From 105 million users this past April, to 145 million in early September 2010, and now up to a mind-blowing 175 million users, that’s some pretty incredible growth. PCMag.com reported on 10-31-2010 that Twitter is now on-track to break 200 MILLION USERS by the end of 2010; that’s growth of about a half-million people/users/Twitter accounts each day.

As for what’s being tweeted, or shared, via Twitter, it’s evolved from the ‘early’ days. Advertising Age reported earlier this month about how Twitter users adopted the platform and used it for everything from political organizing to headline news sharing.

I’ve found Twitter to be a great tool for interacting with people in real time; I love the immediate feedback and connection that Twitter allows. Twitter is also a good search tool, using the # sign (referred to as a ‘hashtag’ on Twitter) which makes a keyword searchable. For example, if you include the word ‘horse’ in your 140-character tweet, but you include the hashtag (#horse), that makes it a searchable, active link – and anyone searching for ‘horse’ on Twitter will find your tweet that included #horse.

The equestrian community is also growing and evolving on Twitter. There are more horsey ‘tweeps’ (another word for Twitter users) on Twitter, and there are the beginnings of some regular gathering forums using Twitter:

  • HorseChat is a weekly Twitter chat organized by Mandee Widrick of Horse Family Magazine (@horsefamilymag on Twitter); all are welcome to follow and join in. To do so, go to tweetchat.com on Monday nights at 9 PM Eastern time, and enter HorseChat into the box at the top – you’ll be able to follow all the HorseChat tweets. You can tweet directly from your own Twitter account, or signing up for a TweetChat account will let you follow and tweet from the same place. Mandee also now archives each week’s HorseChat at the Horse Family Magazine Web site.
  • Also on Mondays is the Horse Social Media Chat (#HorseSoMe); you can also follow along at tweetchat.com, just type in HorseSoMe in the box at the top.

What do you think? Do you love Twitter, or hate it? See it as a necessary marketing evil, or a tool to be embraced? I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about Twitter.

I’m thinking…175+ million people can’t be all wrong.

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How Will You Stay In Touch During Show Season?

In the horse world, summer competition season is heating up, but how will you stay in touch with your customers? Here are some easy ways to communicate, using modern-day mobile technology.

The World At Your Fingertips

Even if you’re off having adventures on the circuit, connecting with those back at home helps them feel a part of your community. The technology to do so is now often literally in the palm of our hands, via mobile devices and cell phones. It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with customers, with a little advance planning on how to do it.

  • Twitter is an ideal ‘real-time’ way to stay in touch. You can ‘tweet’ (post) class results, a brief daily report, even the weather, such as that it’s raining buckets at the show and you’re all waterlogged up to your eyeballs. It’s very easy to set up a Twitter account, and you can even make it ‘private’ and invite just your customers, family, and friends to ‘follow’ your tweets. I’ll have some ‘Twitter how tos‘ for horse people, coming next month – you can sign up for ‘updates by email’ in the box to the right.
  • The Facebook for iPhone downloadable app is another option for sharing things like pics and news updates. With close to 31 million active monthly users and a 3.7 out of 5 star approval rating for the app, there’s a big demand for keeping up with Facebook Nation wherever you are!
  • If you use an email marketing company such as Constant Contact, you might have options for using your iPhone or other mobile device from the road. Constant Contact now has an app called QuickView that lets you update your contact list on the road, so you can add in the emails of new people you meet. You can also track sent email stats, or send a personal email to someone in your contact list. While they don’t yet allow you to create/edit/send an email from your iPhone, let’s hope that’s in development!

Application developers do seem to have the equine market in their sights, so there are probably more apps coming. Here’s a great article from our friends at Dappled Grey about some other equine-specific applications for the iPhone.

Remember to check out this info about safety and security when sharing information online.

How do you plan to stay in touch with customers this busy summer ahead? Send me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


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