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52 Fridays – #13 Twitter Tools That Help Optimize Your Results

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Welcome to ‘Friday the 13th’ here at No Biz Like Horsebiz, aka 52 Fridays #13! Today I’m sharing a few Twitter tools to help you optimize your Twitter experience and results.

op·ti·mize v

1.   to make something function at its best or most effective, or to use something to its best advantage

2.   to find the best possible solution to a technical problem in which there are a number of competing or conflicting considerations

When it comes to Twitter, it seems like new tools and applications are popping up all the time to help you access, analyze, and manage your Twitter account. Here are a few that I like and use:

  • To access and manage your Twitter account, you can use the actual Twitter site, or you can use a 3rd party site or application. Both Hootsuite (website) and Tweetdeck (application you download) have mobile device versions, allow you to update other social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn in addition to Twitter, and provide you with a host of other options, all from a single control panel ‘dashboard.’ If you’re just starting out, you might want to get the hang of things by using the Twitter website; however, after you’ve learned some of the ropes about tweeting, switching to one of the other management tools will help you get more out of your overall social media efforts.
  • Analytics is a hot term these days, as everyone’s seeking to understand what results they’re getting from all that time spent tweeting.
    • Klout is a site that allows you to measure and understand the influence of yours or any other Twitter account; I’ve included a screen capture (below) of my own Klout rating from today. I see from their site that they’re beginning a new series, talking with ‘Klout Stars’ about what they do that gets them such high Klout scores; here’s their first one, with Klout Star Brian Solis of Altimeter Group.

    • TweetStats allows you to analyze your total tweets, tweeting patterns, etc. I don’t find it as interesting as Klout, but there’s a nifty tweet cloud and hashtag cloud graph, so you can see what you frequently tweet about, and to whom.

So, these are just a few Twitter tools you can use to optimize Twitter use for your horsebiz. If you want more, here’s a good list from COMMS corner – 11 Twitter & Social Media Tools To Try In 2011. However, you can make yourself crazy tweeting and analyzing, analyzing and tweeting. I look at several factors for myself:

  • Am I connecting with others in the equine community in a meaningful way?
  • Am I learning new information and resources, both equestrian and mainstream?
  • Am I providing value to others with what I tweet?

For me, if the answers to those questions are ‘yes’ and I haven’t gone overboard on my Twitter time meter, then I feel it’s a success.

How about you? What defines your Twitter success? Do you use other Twitter tools not mentioned here? Share them via the Leave a Comment link below. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #14!

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