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Monday Morning Quickie: Strategy + Tactics = Results That Win

About a week ago, I received an award for a client e-newsletter I wrote and produced in 2010. While my decades of writing experience certainly had something to do with it (how the time does fly!), there are some basic strategies and tactics that can help your own horsebiz communications, too.

That's a happy me, holding my Silver Trumpet award!

The Publicity Club of Chicago is the largest independent PR membership organization in the U.S., so award recipients represent the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to public relations. Other winners in my category, a Silver Trumpet in New Media, included The Field Museum, University of Illinois at Chicago, and a PR firm handling a campaign for Sara Lee, all nice company to be recognized in.

You can read the 2009/2010 archived e-newsletters for Horsemen’s Laboratory at their website to see what I did, but here are a few strategic tips & tactics you can implement for your equine business:

  • When there’s only a template option, using colors and images consistent with your brand can result in a more custom look.
  • A focus on client education can position your business as a leader and trusted resource.
  • Variety in articles and information, including industry news and guest expert interviews, can add interest for the reader as well as information.

Have you ever heard the carpenter’s adage ‘measure twice, cut once’? It applies in public relations and marketing strategy, too. Think through what you want to accomplish, and then design your tactics to hit that target. Whether your efforts win awards or not isn’t important, as long as they win over customers.

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