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Monday Quick Tip – Create On-The-Fly PDFs For Your Horsebiz With These Mobile Apps

With a smorgasbord of mobile devices at our fingertips, having documents that work on the majority of them is a challenge for any horsebiz owner. The Portable Document Format or PDF file is among the best options, and it’s something you can embrace for everything from sharing content on your website and social media outlets to putting together resources for customers.

Since mobile use is on the upswing and the ‘I need it now’ mindset is everywhere, the handy-dandy PDF can be a trusty sidekick when it comes to sharing your information. Here are several ways to create and send PDFs on the go, using your own mobile device.

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52 Fridays – #34 A Pretty Darn Functional (PDF) Way To Market Your Horsebiz

52 Fridays is a year-long series for equestrian professionals and equine business owners and managers, with marketing and public relations information, ideas, tips, & resources shared here each Friday. New EMAIL blog subscribers receive a ’52 Fridays’ PDF when they sign up; existing subscribers and new RSS FEED & WORDPRESS subscribers can send a request for their own PDF here.

The idea for this chapter of 52 Fridays started out one way, but just like the reliable, versatile PDF, it morphed into something else.

PDFs, or ‘Portable Document Format’ files, are stand-alone computer files that contain everything needed to recreate the document on any computer, no matter whether it’s a Mac or PC, or how old or new, or what software it has, as long as you’ve got the Adobe Reader that can read and translate the document contents.

Click here to read more about using PDFs as marketing tools!


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