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Would You Like To Play A Little #HorseHooky From Your Horsebiz?

Playing hooky…it’s a universal human activity, the desire to escape and blow off a little steam from time to time. Now that it’s year-end and holiday time, why not indulge in a little weekday respite?

I recently met the creator of a television sitcom-in-process, and his weekly Twitter chats about hooky are reaching literally 100,000+ people after only a month. So when the opportunity arose to connect both mainstream and equestrian Twitter communities in a special horse-centric version of the hooky Twitter chat, I thought it was a great thing to do at holiday time, when folks are already in a festive mood and possibly looking for a brief escape.

Next Wednesday, we’ll make history with this sweet little crossover event. Will it lead to something new? Will it help horsefolk and horse lovers connect? Here’s how to tune in and play along….

Click here to read more about how to play #horsehooky….


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