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Monday Quick Tip – Riot Gear For Chicago Police Horses Is Example Of Timely Horsebiz News In Mainstream Media

It’s catch-up time at No Biz Like Horsebiz! Thankfully we’re almost there, and many thanks for your patience! 

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One important factor in public relations is knowing what’s making the news, and how your own story or message ties in with current events. With the upcoming NATO/G8 summits in Chicago (May 19-21, 2012), the media is featuring stories about the City’s preparations, including recent coverage about 3,000+ sealing face shields purchased for officers that might be blinded by bags of urine (yuk) and other liquids thrown by hardcore demonstrators.

While horses don’t often make frontpage or televised news in Chi-town (except for another story this week about some reportedly stolen horses that were later found down the road), the story about riot gear for the mounted unit’s 30 horses made it to both morning TV news and the Chicago Sun-Times, and perhaps more. If your horsebiz is trying to get either mainstream or equine media coverage, this is a great example that illustrates the art of the tie-in.

Click here to read more about the equine riot gear news coverage….

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