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Monday Morning Quickie – Watch Out TV, Here Comes The Web!

A recent study indicated that the Web was catching up to television in terms of influencing face-to-face conversations. While most equine businesses can’t advertise on TV due to the sheer cost involved, the Internet is a completely different story. What could this mean to the future of the horse industry?

While past surveys by The Keller Fay Group still showed TV was king when it came to influencing conversations about specific brands, their newest survey (with Yahoo!) shows the Internet poised to overtake television, according to an article by Jack Neff at Advertising Age magazine’s Web site.

The Internet gained three percentage points over last year, so that it now influences or prompts 15% of brand-related conversations compared to television’s 16%; the numbers are based on a survey conducted in January, 2010. Print media stayed constant at about 10%.

I recommend reading Neff’s article, since he shares details about specific numbers on various factors affecting this trend, and how they’ve changed over the past few years.

What does all this mean for the horse industry? These are all factors we need to be aware of, and factor into our marketing:

  • Mobile devices are increasingly important, as are consumers aged 13 to 40
  • While the players may change and evolve, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) is here to stay and has a powerful effect
  • Information needs to be available online 24/7, so that people can access, and share it with others, on their own schedule
  • Developing an online presence and a strong brand identity is more important today than it’s ever been in the equestrian world

The Internet puts into our hands a very powerful communication tool, one that levels the playing field in terms of the horse industry’s ability to communicate to current and potential horse owners and compete against other recreational industries. The question is, how will we use it?


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New Ad Uses ‘Man & Horse Marriage’ To Make Point

A new campaign ad from Friends of John McCain uses the concept of ‘man & horse marriage’ to make a point. While true horse people might laugh since we’re often spending more time with our horses than our significant others anyway, the ad and the article showcasing it bring up some interesting points about marketing and the media.


Outrageousness can be used strategically, but it can also backfire.


In his article, AOL News Editor Steve Pendlebury points out that it’s getting harder to differentiate between political ads and parodies, and provides some good examples of past campaign ads to support his point; any of them could have been SNL Digital Shorts.

If you’re a horse industry professional, here are a few things you should keep in mind about media and marketing:

  • Once it’s on tape (or on the Internet, or in a photo), it’s out there forever, and often out of your control
  • Be cautious about the information you share with journalists
  • Prepare your ‘talking points’ in advance, so you won’t get sidetracked and can stay on-message

Outrageousness can be strategically used to make a point and develop a marketing campaign that ‘goes viral’ and spreads throughout your target market, but be careful it’s not something that might backfire in the long run.


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Using Online Media For Equine Event Promotion

I first saw the equine spectacular Cavalia in early 2005, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Talk about being floored! I’d seen a fair amount of equine theatrical performance, even ridden in some, but it was the best I’d ever seen. A trip that summer to Cavalia’s hometown of Montreal proved to be perfect timing, since we arrived on opening day, went to the show, AND snagged an invite to the afterparty!

Cavalia recently returned to the U.S. after an extended run in Europe (and, during my trip to Belgium & The Netherlands that year, I missed catching them in Brussels by about 2 weeks!); I was able to see the show again when it came to Chicago in summer 2009. There were some changes, but Cavalia still had many of the same catch-your-breath moments as the first time I saw it, as well as a few new ones.


How can you maximize exposure & excitement for your equine event?

Use a little creativity and planning in your media outreach!


I write for the Equine Chronicle (print and online), and for Cavalia’s Tampa run I wrote a series of articles for their Web site, plus organized some online contests. Lining up this kind of multi-faceted media promotion is typically a win-win for everyone, since it generates both exposure and excitement.

If you’ve got a special event coming up, how can you maximize your own exposure and excitement? Here are a few tips:

  • Get the right people onboard – publicists, editors, event promoters, interview sources, and photographers are all crucial to getting the story, and getting it out there
  • Write a series of articles for the ‘target audience’ media
  • Organize contests (with prizes) and promote the articles using social media like Facebook and Twitter (remember to consider local laws & regs regarding contests)
  • Include Internet-searchable keywords in your articles

With a little creativity and planning, you, too, can put together some good promotion for your upcoming event!


Here are my Cavalia articles for their 2010 Tampa run, on EquineChronicle.com – enjoy!


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