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52 Fridays – #14 Casual Interaction On Facebook Can Supplement Your Horsebiz Website

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Your website is your ‘official’ voice on the Internet. It’s a destination where web surfers can find you; it’s the online source of information about your horsebiz, about your services and what you offer to the equestrian world. A website can tell prospective customers a great deal about your operation, and about how you operate.

Facebook is also a ‘destination’ on the web, but it serves a very different purpose. Whether right or wrong, when logged into Facebook many experience an ‘ahhhh’ of community. ‘It’s safe; we’re all Friends and Fans here.’ Because of that community feeling, it’s easier to have casual interaction with people on Facebook, and that casual interaction can help them become strong supporters of your brand and perhaps even customers.

Now, I’m not saying if you don’t have a Facebook account to run to the nearest computer and create one! Facebook, like Twitter or blogging or any bit of technology, is merely a tool for carrying out your marketing objectives.

Personally, while I’ve got a Facebook account, I’ve focused more on Twitter and developing my community there. But, I do see the value of having a Facebook presence as part of an integrated social media strategy and marketing plan…IF Facebook fits into your overall goals, AND you have the resources to do it well.

Here are two equestrian businesses that I feel do a great job of interacting with their Facebook communities; I recommend visiting their sites to see what they’re doing and how they’re interacting with people:

  • The Horses In The Morning show on Horse Radio Network interacts with Facebook members during the M-F morning shows; when the show goes live, they also post links to both website and mobile device ‘listen live’ URLs, and provide the call-in number to the show. All of this engages people and invites them to not only listen, but to participate.
Facebook has value, but please think through what your goals are, and what resources you can dedicate to building and interacting with your Facebook community. Done poorly, a Facebook page can be a turn-off, and might even damage your brand.

Who do you know in the horse world that does a great job on Facebook? Let us know who they are and what you like about them via the Leave a Comment link below. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #15!

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Monday Morning Quickie – Facebook vs. Twitter – Which Is Better?

I was recently asked my opinion of Twitter versus Facebook, and whether Twitter was even relevant or necessary in what appears to be a Facebook-dominated social media world. Now, as a Twitter-lover I might be a bit biased, however I do believe they each have their place and their appropriate uses. But, I was curious what others might say, so I headed over to Twitter to ask my tweeps (my followers, or twitter-peeps) what they thought on the matter.

Survey Says…..

That’s one thing Twitter is good for…connecting with other people in real-time. I asked a question on Twitter, and within a few minutes I was already getting some answers. Here are a few good points:


  • Twitter is good for late-breaking news or alerts
  • Twitter can provide a more ‘personal’ connection, but things do pass by quickly
  • It’s easy to abuse link-sharing on Twitter, so be thoughtful about what you share
  • People might unfollow you for inappropriate or too-often self-promotion


  • Facebook is better for sharing and ‘reach’ over a longer timeframe
  • People seem to be more careful about what they share and post on Facebook, perhaps because it stays around longer, so there seem to be fewer abuses
  • Facebook is useful for connecting and interacting with current customers

One person said they use Facebook for only family & friends, but use Twitter for public communication, however either tool can be set up as a ‘private’ venue. Plus, if you choose to do it, Facebook and Twitter can be ‘synced’ so that your posts cross-pollinate.

Several important points I’d like to add:

  • Be conscious about security and ‘over-sharing’ personal details or your current location and status. Both Facebook and Twitter can foster a feeling of intimacy, but they’re still publicly viewable.
  • Social media tools can help you make connections across geographic, breed, or event/sport/discipline boundaries. I’m in contact with horsefolk in multiple countries thanks to Twitter, and I appreciate the ability to expand my world via the Internet.
  • Get in there and try them out – see which feels better to you, notice what others are doing and how they’re using Twitter and Facebook. Things are changing all the time, so you can’t beat hands-on experience to help you decide when, and how, to use social media tools.

And finally, a very good point: Multiple platforms are good to have because you never know when one will have technical glitches, or go offline completely! In our wired world, it’s an excellent idea to have multiple ways to interact with your customers.

Many thanks to (in no particular order): @SonnyWilliams, @mandeewidrick, @SidelinesNews, @SageByNature, @EquineValentina, @HorseLogs, @rosamyst, and @HealthyAnimals for chiming in with their opinions and thoughts – very much appreciate it!


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