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52 Fridays – #31 Some Final Words On Finding Media Outlets For Horsebiz News

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Rounding out the 52 Fridays section on media, I wanted to add in a few final recommendations about locating media outlets.

To find outlets for equestrian news and stories requires research in addition to the effort needed in building relationships with them, understanding their audiences and what they want so you can craft a good story angle, etc. It can be both time and labor intensive. That’s one part of why businesses hire PR people, we either have or can build the infrastructure for your news efficiently and effectively, with a strong chance to get that desirable third-party publicity for your horsebiz.

But if you want to DIY, it can be done. Start local, keep good contact records, put out solidly-written and strategic press releases, and do all the things I recommend here in the No Biz Like Horsebiz blog! If you missed any of the 52 Fridays posts about media, you can find them in the Sort Posts By Topic dropdown menu in the panel to the right.

As for some specific equestrian media resources, here are two I like and recommend:

  • One option I recommend to my clients is the American Horse Publications (AHP) Newsgroup. I’ve been a member for something like 6+ years already; AHP celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2010, and has been making organizational changes to take into account the evolution of, and challenges facing, publishing and other types of media. With a reasonably-priced AHP membership, one of the perks is that you can send up to two press releases per month. The Newsgroup not only goes to all other members (including equestrian media editors, publishers, writers, and corporate members, among others), news releases are also housed online where they’re accessible by the general public and will frequently attract additional attention, postings by bloggers, etc. Of course all the ‘dos & don’ts’ of press release writing apply – be sure to also include a link back to an online version of your news release at YOUR site!
  • Horse Radio Network logo http://www.horseradionetwork.com/I also love the folks over at Horse Radio Network (HRN) and all the cool and fun things they’re doing in terms of Internet radio and equestrian programming. HRN founder and ‘America’s Horse Husband’ Glenn ‘the Geek’ Hebert says they’re always looking for guests, so you can get in touch with Jennifer Hebert (jennifer(at-sign)horseradionetwork.com), Glenn’s ‘better half’ and the network’s producer and ‘chaos control officer’ if you’ve got something interesting going on you want to share with the world. HRN is on Twitter, where you can follow them via @HorseRadio, and they live-Facebook during the weekday morning Horses In The Morning show.

Handling horsebiz public relations and media strategy responsibly and effectively can be a complex recipe, requiring some trial and error before you’ve got the hang of it. AHP and HRN are but two more resources in the marketing toolbox…but if you sign up for AHP membership or contact HRN about being a guest, be sure to tell them Lisa Kemp sent you!

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