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What NOT To Do With Your Flip Video Camera

While I love many things about my new little Flip UltraHD video camera, I had a minor tech crisis this past weekend. I’m sharing it here so hopefully you can avoid the same issue.

I tend to not use ‘canned’ software that comes with tech gadgets on my computer as I find it’s often designed for ‘the general consumer’ and doesn’t always do what I want, or else it does things I don’t want.

Flip video cameras come pre-loaded with FlipShare, a proprietary downloading, editing, archiving, and sharing software that’s both PC and Mac compatible.

Although the Flip has its own program, when I went to move some video files from the camera over to my Mac, I thought I’d just ‘drag & drop’ the files from the camera folder into my external drive folder on my laptop – WRONG!

While it did transfer the files, the camera failed to reset its counter, even though it showed the files were no longer on the camera. WHAT?! A minor panic attack ensued, with a quick call to the Best Buy Geek Squad (the rep was polite, but ultimately unhelpful). And, I didn’t have Internet access in order to check for a fix online.

How I solved it – After trying a few things that didn’t work, I ultimately corrected the issue by recording several new clips, and then downloading them using the ‘right way.’ Thankfully, the camera then reset itself.

Lesson learned – just use the video file download program that comes prepackaged on the Flip camera.


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