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52 Fridays – #52 How Many Of Your Horsebiz Goals Did You Achieve Last Year? Did You Write Them Down?

52 Fridays is a year-long series for equestrian professionals and equine business owners and managers, with marketing and public relations information, ideas, tips, & resources shared here on Fridays throughout 2011.

Each New Year typically brings a media frenzy on the topic of goals and resolutions. However, about the time the celebratory confetti hits the garbage can, resolutions meet up with the light of day and most people simply don’t follow through.

It’s hard work to make a goal reality. But when the rubber hits the road and the going gets tough, are you able to power through and achieve your horsebiz goals, or do you get sidetracked by to-do lists or daily dramas? Here’s what to do about it.

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