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52 Fridays – #24 (Saturday edition) How YouTube Has Changed Video…And The World

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Remember the world before YouTube? How many people might have seen videos of your vacation, wedding, or school play back then? Pre-YouTube, any embarassing experiences were generally only viewed by those who were actually there; now, everyone’s at risk of having bloopers captured via smartphone and posted to the Internet. And then there’s the technical side, which means that the more fantastic, amazing, cute, or unbelievable the video, the more viewers will tolerate camera ‘shake,’ blurry images, or bad sound in order to see an OMG moment. It’s now a different world when it comes to video, and we have YouTube to thank.

It’s pretty amazing to see the ways in which people around the world have embraced YouTube and discovered avenues for communication and self-expression, and how those expressions have changed the way we live life. In this post on the Social Times site, the author points out 5 Ways YouTube Has Changed The World Forever:

  • YouTube Has Made The World Smaller
  • YouTube Helps People Get Discovered
  • YouTube Offers A Platform For Spreading Truth & Inciting Change
  • YouTube Has Revolutionized Entertainment
  • YouTube Has Revolutionized Education

I would add that YouTube has allowed horsebiz to connect with larger audiences and share information on a grander platform; whereas before ‘dozens’ might have been a good audience, with video and YouTube you might anticipate ‘thousands’ or even ‘millions’ of viewers. How does that change your thinking about what’s possible?

YouTube has also changed expectations about the quality of video. If you’ve captured something incredible, it doesn’t seem to matter if the quality is poor or the audio track is filled with background noise. I even know some horsey people who purposely move the camcorder while recording to get blurry or distored images, just for the effect. There’s a time and a place for everything, including high-quality image and sound, but it seems the boundaries of what’s allowed, tolerated, or even embraced are changing daily.

The concept of ‘viral’ videos and the quest to be the next Justin Bieber (who was discovered after posting performance videos online) is also bringing change to YouTube. In December, 2010, YouTube made it even easier to find out what’s hot with YouTube Trends. There’s a blog providing in-depth exploration and commentary, and the Trends Dashboard allows you to drill down into YouTube videos, searching by demographics such as gender, age, and country, and even by city in the U.S., to find out what’s being viewed the most and by whom. While perhaps not immediately useful for the equine industry in its current format, I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Sometimes change arrives in packages we don’t suspect. Who would have thought the world of video, including what’s watched, by whom, and under what conditions and level of quality, would be transformed by a little video-sharing website?

What’s your favorite YouTube video? Share your thoughts via the Leave a Comment link below. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #25!

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More Work-Arounds for Poor Flip Audio Quality

A question from one of my readers, writer and horsewoman RhondaL, sent me off on the research path for new and improved audio for videos made with the Flip cameras. While I found some great resources for recording and adding voiceover narration, I also came across some other work-around tips to compensate for the Flip’s poor audio quality. Enjoy!

  • Here are some basic, common-sense tips from Greyson Ferguson at eHow.com; to get the best sound possible in your original recording, it’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind, such as minimize jostling, don’t touch the mic while recording, and limit outdoor recording (with the resulting wind-noise), but most horse people WILL be recording outdoors, so that particular option doesn’t work for us.

Thankfully, there’s more….

  • A company called Quick Video Marketing has some videos and checklists about boosting your audio quality using mostly free software. They have options for both Mac and PC; the only paid software is QuickTime Pro, which the narrator (Jeff ‘Herschy’ Schwerdt) says is about $30. The audio on his videos is clear and strong, so while I haven’t yet used this process, I think it might be promising.

I look forward to checking out Darrell’s other audio/video & tech tips, too. He suggests another resource for learning how to maximize your Flip videos, FlipInFocus.com, which looks promising. Thanks, Darrell!

If you’ve missed my other posts on my Flip UltraHD camera, you can search for ‘Flip’ in the Search box to the right. If you have tips that have worked for you, please post them to Comments – I’d love to read about them!


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Monday Morning Quickie – Creative ‘Work-Around’ For Flip Camera Audio Limits

Sorry it’s been an entire week since you’ve heard from me! I’ve been ‘under the weather’ but am now getting back into the swing of things….

I’ve recently written about my Flip Ultra HD video camera and the audio limitations of same, so I thought I’d point out a creative ‘work-around’ that was shared with me by one of my Twitter buddies, Liam Killen over at Abbeyview Equine. A UK-based company, they do Web sites for equestrians, and recently won a BETA 2009 Innovation Award for their PagePlay concept – congrats!

Image courtesy Abbeyview Equine

The video clip is at the Abbeyview Equine YouTube channel, and was filmed at the 2010 Badminton Horse Trials using Liam’s own Flip video camera. Liam has dubbed in music over the long-distance footage or clips that might otherwise be subject to wind noise, and while there is a bit of ambient sound in the background on interview clips, it’s definitely within manageable limits.

If you come across other creative uses of Flip equestrian footage, please send ’em my way! And if you’d like to follow Liam on Twitter, it’s @AbbeyviewEquine.


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What NOT To Do With Your Flip Video Camera

While I love many things about my new little Flip UltraHD video camera, I had a minor tech crisis this past weekend. I’m sharing it here so hopefully you can avoid the same issue.

I tend to not use ‘canned’ software that comes with tech gadgets on my computer as I find it’s often designed for ‘the general consumer’ and doesn’t always do what I want, or else it does things I don’t want.

Flip video cameras come pre-loaded with FlipShare, a proprietary downloading, editing, archiving, and sharing software that’s both PC and Mac compatible.

Although the Flip has its own program, when I went to move some video files from the camera over to my Mac, I thought I’d just ‘drag & drop’ the files from the camera folder into my external drive folder on my laptop – WRONG!

While it did transfer the files, the camera failed to reset its counter, even though it showed the files were no longer on the camera. WHAT?! A minor panic attack ensued, with a quick call to the Best Buy Geek Squad (the rep was polite, but ultimately unhelpful). And, I didn’t have Internet access in order to check for a fix online.

How I solved it – After trying a few things that didn’t work, I ultimately corrected the issue by recording several new clips, and then downloading them using the ‘right way.’ Thankfully, the camera then reset itself.

Lesson learned – just use the video file download program that comes prepackaged on the Flip camera.


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On The Flip Side – Pros & Cons Of The Flip Video Camera

No piece of equipment is perfect; you have to get what works best for your needs, and find ways to live with the rest. That said, there are some very nice features on the Flip UltraHD video camera I recently bought, and a few things I feel are ‘less than’ or missing….

The good stuff:

  • Small, convenient, and easy to use
  • Great video image quality in high definition (HD) format
  • Easy-to-use download and common MP4 format
  • Download & edit software that’s built in to the camera
  • Screw-in mount on the underside for a tripod or monopod

The downside:

  • The zoom isn’t great
  • Audio can be a problem, since there’s not an input for a external mic
  • They don’t include much for the price – would be nice to have a USB connector cord and a plug-in charger for the battery, instead of having to buy those things a la carte (I even bought a better camera bag than the one that comes in the box)

If you’re considering buying a Flip or similar mini video camera – there are lots of great reviews out there, and I encourage you to do a Google search on your own and go to stores to try them out.

You must keep in mind what these cameras were designed for – the average consumer who wants to take videos and upload them to YouTube for sharing with family/friends, and to do it at a low cost. Because of that, going outside those design specs might require some creative ‘work arounds’ to get the best results. These cameras are NOT designed to compete with high-end professional video cameras, even though they shoot in HD.


No piece of equipment is perfect; be sure to research your options!


If you’ve decided you ‘gotta’ have one, here are a few NEW options from Flip for you to think about:

Watch for video clips coming soon, now that I’ve flipped over my own Flip, and tips and ideas on how to use video for marketing and promoting your equine biz.


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