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Monday Quick Tip – Best In Horsebiz Social Media Continues – Listen Live Today For ESMA Wrap-Up on Horse Radio Network

The 2012 PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Awards winners have been announced, but tune in THIS morning for an entertaining wrap-up and a ‘morning radio show’ just for horsefolk.

If you’re using social networking and social media for your horsebiz, you’ll find out what’s considered ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to equine industry social media use, hear from some of the winners, AND get your week started with a few laughs.

Click here to read more about listening in live, or later….


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Monday Quick Tip – 2012 ESMA Week Is Here, Honoring The Best In Horsebiz Social Media

ESMA Week is here!

The 2012 Equestrian Social Media Awards winners will be announced this week via their ‘virtual awards show.’ A different awards video is posted each day, announcing winners from the 30 different awards categories this year.

We’ve got the links to watch the videos AND listen to the Horse Radio Network wrap-up next Monday, March 12th. If you’re using social networking and social media for your horsebiz, tune in to find out what’s considered ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to horse industry social media use.

Click here to read more about the 2012 ESMAs ‘virtual awards show’….

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52 Fridays 2012 – #2 Watch & Learn From The ESMAs For Horsebiz Social Media ‘Best Practices’

52 Fridays is an ongoing series for equestrian professionals and equine business owners and managers, with marketing and public relations stories, ideas, tips, and resources shared here each Friday.

No Biz Like Horsebiz was down for the count last week, but this week we’re back in the saddle and rarin’ to go! Good thing, too, since where the #&@% did January get to?!

The 2012 Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) are underway, and if you’re responsible for your horsebiz marketing, social media, or community management you’ll want to check them out. Even if you have zero interest in winning your own ESMA (and sorry, there’s no little gold statue for your mantelpiece), what you’ll get is infinitely more valuable…a look at what’s happening in the equestrian world in terms of social media trends, an opportunity to learn from the horsefolk that are modeling the very best in social media ethics and practices, and some ideas for how you can harness social media for your own marketing success.

Click here to read more about 2012 ESMA best practices….


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Monday Morning Quick Tip – Using Social Media For Your Horsebiz? It’s Awards Time!

The horse world is getting used to the idea of embracing technology and social media for marketing purposes. Every week I hear from someone new that’s just started their Facebook page, has launched their own Twitter account, or is considering starting a blog. It’s all good.

A few weeks ago at my equestrian expo presentation on social media, I had attendees who were new to social media and some that had gotten started but wanted to improve; one trio included a couple who were the business owners, plus their newly hired assistant who was going to develop their horsebiz social media. All of social media, and how best to use it to achieve your own unique goals, has a learning curve; one way to learn about best practices includes looking at who the ‘movers and shakers’ are when it comes to horsebiz social media, and the Equestrian Social Media Awards provides a perfect opportunity to do it!

Click here to read more about 2012 ESMAs….


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How Quickly A Year Goes By….

The No Biz Like Horsebiz blog started one year ago today. It’s amazing how fast the days add up to 365….

I’ve been doing a little ‘taking stock’ of where things are with the blog now, and I wanted to share some of that with you, plus a bit of the ‘looking forward’ to what’s next:

  • The blog subscriber base is small but dedicated, with site stats that are going in the right direction (that’s up, in case you were wondering) in terms of both reading and subscribing. Thank you to EACH and every one of my subscribers and readers, and especially everyone who’s taken the time to comment or share in some way. I really appreciate it.
  • I’ve allowed this blog to evolve organically, ‘finding its voice’ along the way and building a foundation for the future. The Monday Morning Quickie (MMQ) posts and 52 Fridays series are proceeding swimmingly, and being shared a bit via social media (thanks, y’all!). The one surprise is how many find my blog through an Internet search for ‘morning quickie,’ something I wouldn’t have guessed when I started MMQ and a good lesson in how you name something and what that name could bring!
  • The last year has brought positive results for readers and mostly ‘boy, that’s useful’ or ‘I enjoy reading’ types of comments and feedback. And a fair amount of s.p.a.m. – the WordPress Akismet tool informs me that it’s blocked 684 s.p.a.m. comments, and I sure am thankful for it!
  • The past year has also brought recognition for Kemp Equine that I’ve shared here, in the form of multiple PR and writing awards, and a Finalist nod in the ‘Best Use of Twitter – International’ category of the first-ever Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs), which didn’t even exist at this time last year. The ESMAs show how much more of the global horse industry is adopting new media, social networking, and technology in getting the word out and connecting folks within the various equestrian communities, across not only geographic boundaries but breed and discipline boundaries as well.

As for what’s next….

  • In general, my purpose and focus are still the same as they were a year ago…

Through this blog, you can look forward to equine industry marketing news and information, interviews with relevant experts, and tips and resources to help you reach your customers more effectively and efficiently. There’ll also be links to my articles in horse magazines, plus some fun stuff from time to time.

Read the first-ever post: Welcome to No Biz Like Horse Biz, from Kemp Equine

  • Now that the blog is underway, I’ll be working to build readership and the subscriber list, including more use of social media and some fun stuff. I hope you’ll help me out by telling others or sharing links when you find something useful or valuable in this space.

If I could have a ‘one year anniversary’ wish, it would be that the trend of horse industry sharing and connecting continues and grows, that we look for even more ways to invite others into our horsey world and show them not only the beauty, power, and magic of equines, but also how horses and equestrians can, and should, have a place in our fast-paced world.

Care to join me?

Please feel free share your own wish for the horse world by clicking on the Leave a Comment link below. Thanks for reading and making my first year an enjoyable one!


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