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Monday Morning Quick Tip – What’s It All About, AETA?

All right, raise your hand – who here has heard of AETA?

AETA is the American Equestrian Trade Association. You can read all about AETA here, but basically it’s a nonprofit association formed about four years ago to support and improve the equestrian manufacturing and retailing industry. You know, the people and businesses that make the horse stuff we buy, and the stores and websites that sell it to us.

AETA has some interesting stuff going on now, and plans for more in the future. How do I know? I was asked a few months ago to join the AETA marketing committee, an honor I appreciate and welcome as an opportunity to contribute my experience and expertise to the equestrian world.

The association has two industry-only tradeshows each year, one in August and one in January. There’s a lot of buying and selling that happens there, but tradeshows aren’t open to the public; it’s retailers, manufacturers, sales reps, etc.

Oh, and this August it’s also yours truly.

I’ll be at the tradeshow this month, teaching workshops on social media with Chad Mendell of CowDog Media. Should be fun, we’ve got lots of information to share. If you’re attending and a No Biz Like Horsebiz reader, please be sure to find me and say hello!

You’re not a retailer nor a manufacturer? There’s still room for you and your horsebiz in AETA, which offers membership categories for Suppliers, Industry Partners, and Affiliates, with very reasonable annual fees and lots of member benefits; read about categories or apply for AETA membership here

To me, it seems like AETA has strong possibilities for the future, but I’m curious and would like to hear YOUR opinion about AETA…what do you already know about the organization? Or, what do you think the equestrian industry needs, manufacturing, retailing, or otherwise? Share your thought(s) via the Leave a Comment link below – and if you want your comment to be confidential and not publicly posted, please indicate that in your comment.

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