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‘The Experience Effect’ Was A Good Experience, For Me

Yesterday I hoofed it to downtown Chicago to attend a presentation by Jim Joseph, author of new book The Experience Effect. As promised in my post earlier this week, I wanted to report back on just how the experience was, and what I learned from it.

Thankfully, threatened showers held off, and it was one of those glorious, sunny, breezy, on-the-cusp-of-summer days that are what make it possible for Chicago dwellers to live through the frigid winters. The good vibe of the day carried through Joseph’s interactive presentation, and yes, I bought the book! I’ll let you know what I think about it in a future post.

Image courtesy Steve Lundin, BIGFrontier

There’s also a super little bonus – Steve Lundin of BIGFrontier (the event organizer), recorded the presentation; after the video is edited, it will be online and I’ll be sure to share a link here. We covered ground from Crest vs. Colgate preferences, where Hummers went wrong, and why Lady Gaga is a master marketer. If you don’t want to miss it, sign up for either RSS feed or email updates in the upper right corner.

In no particular order, here are some takeaway gems about marketing, branding, and building the customer experience:

  • According to Joseph, marketing is both a TEAM sport, and a SPECTATOR sport. No one markets in a vacuum, and these days the process of marketing is interactive in a way that involves others, including your customers.
  • We can learn a lot, and apply that knowledge to our own horse businesses, by studying our own consumer habits. What brands add value to our lives? What brands do we seek out and rely upon?
  • If a brand’s ‘experience’ is inconsistent with its marketing messages, it opens the door to criticism, or worse, loss of customers. It’s important to create a consistent experience across every single point of contact, or ‘touchpoint,’ that customers have with an equine business. (note – NOT an easy thing to do!)

Comments or questions? Feel free to submit ’em! In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!


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