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Monday Morning Quickie – Are Online Horse Auctions A Fad, Or The Future?

You might have read my article about the high tech/high touch Al-Marah Arabian Galleries that opened this summer at the Kentucky Horse Park; if you’re an Arabian lover who’d like a piece of Al-Marah history and breeding for your own pasture, an upcoming online auction of Al-Marah stock might be just the ticket. Still, do you think buying a horse through the computer beats buying one in person?

Online horse classifieds and Web sites have been around for years; many riders have found their ‘dream horse’ through these resources, and many horses have found new homes across the U.S. and elsewhere. But what happens to a horse purchase when you add in the high-pressure atmosphere of an auction?

The Al-Marah online auction, through Addis Equine Auctions, is set up with an eBay-style online bidding process that starts October 28, 2010, and ends November 2nd at 6 PM CST. Then, two hours later at 8 PM CST, Addis opens up live bidding, where bidders can hear the auctioneer over their computers just as they would if they were present at the auction grounds, and submit their bids over the computer. I guess having the live portion prevents that ‘last minute swoop-in’ and losing your desired item to someone who had a faster Internet connection than you did.

Do you think online auctions of horses are the future, or a fad? Would you buy a horse this way? Send in your thoughts via the Comment link.

Make it a great week!


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Monday Morning Quickie – Real-Time Simulcast Kicks Off New Horse Exhibit

Technology continues to bring those of us in the horse industry closer to each other, AND helps us communicate more effectively with our audiences. A recent example should be something to inspire us all.

Image courtesy Paul Smoke

The Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries opened this month at the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP). A $10 million permanent exhibit and a significant addition to KHP’s International Museum of the Horse, the Al-Marah Galleries’ grand opening celebration was kicked off on June 12, 2010, using a live video simulcast. And yes, I watched it – via my laptop, while sitting comfortably on my deck on the northside of Chicago, despite the sweltering heat in KHP’s celebration tent in Lexington, Kentucky!

While a video will never take the place of actually being there, it can help those farther afield still feel a part of things. And I’ve long thought that welcoming new people into the horse world is something we all need to do.

More and more, simulcasts are being used for horse shows, competitions, and conferences. The footage can be archived for historical reference, or packaged and sold as content, making it a potential revenue generator.

As video technology both improves and comes down in cost, I imagine we’ll be seeing even more…and I think it’s a great thing for the horse industry.


A few Al-Marah Galleries extras:

  • I found this VERY interesting: While making her opening remarks, Project Manager Evie Tubbs Sweeney made a key point, that this interactive, captivating museum about the Arabian horse will likely be seen by the million or so visitors each year to the Kentucky Horse Park, and that within 10 years, that’s a potential 10 million person audience that could be moved to possess an Arabian of their very own. At the very least, the exhibit will educate and inspire future generations of horse lovers and owners, something our industry truly needs.
  • I had the opportunity to visit Lexington for the American Horse Publications annual conference, and visited the Al-Marah Galleries on Day 10 after the grand opening celebration; you can read about my experience here. Since I was marketing/PR director for Al-Marah a while back, it was nice to see some of the familiar programs and people represented, but there are also some fantastic artifacts and lots of great images and information I’d never seen before. I wish I’d had more time to explore it, and I can’t wait to go back.

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No Need To Travel To Equine Events, With Online Simulcasts

Later this afternoon, the grand opening ceremony of the new Al-Marah Arabian Galleries at the Kentucky Horse Park will be broadcast live, during the 2010 Egyptian Event. Amazing that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to view it via the Internet. In the future, will there be any need to even travel to equine events?

The answer is, yes, of course there will be. Horse people love to be around horses, and no matter how great the video and audio on a simulcast, nor how big your computer monitor, the Web will never replace being in the presence of horses.

That said, this is a cool use of technology. I wouldn’t drive the 8 or so hours from Chicago to attend the opening in Kentucky, but I’ll probably tune in later today, especially to see what my former employer is up to. Yup, I did marketing and PR at Al-Marah Arabians, back in 2004. Of course, back then we didn’t have such handy-dandy technology; when someone was interested in a horse we had for sale, I had to get out the camcorder, take the footage, transfer it to a VIDEOTAPE, and mail the video. Oh, back then it was a veritable Stone Age compared to now!


What marketing and PR opportunities

might YOU create for your equine business, using video simulcast?


I’m not sure if there will be an archived version of the video; I hope there will be. These galleries are part of the efforts of the Purebred Arabian Trust, and the opening ceremony would be an important historical document, albeit in video form.

It does bring up questions for equine businesses about video use. Can you expand your potential market through video simulcasts? Would it allow you to expand into other regions, countries, or even continents? Might you create public relations and promotion opportunities through the use of simulcast events? Ah, the opportunities!


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