Monday Quick Tip – Best In Horsebiz Social Media Continues – Listen Live Today For ESMA Wrap-Up on Horse Radio Network

The 2012 PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Awards winners have been announced, but tune in THIS morning for an entertaining wrap-up and a ‘morning radio show’ just for horsefolk.

If you’re using social networking and social media for your horsebiz, you’ll find out what’s considered ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to equine industry social media use, hear from some of the winners, AND get your week started with a few laughs.

The hosts of the Horses In The Morning (HITM) show, Glenn the Geek (aka ‘America’s Horse Husband’) and Jamie Jennings, keep the funny ball rolling with their lively AM Internet radio show just for horse people. This morning they’ll be talking with ESMA co-founders Liam Killen and Rhea Freeman, plus a slew of winners from 2012.

You can listen live via your computer or smartphone from the HITM website. Or, call in to the show with your questions and comments on 347-637-3238. Or, interact live with the HITM team (including producer and ‘chaos control officer’ Coach Jenn) and other listeners via their Facebook page and Twitter stream.

If it’s not time for the live 2012 ESMA wrap-up, you can listen to the archived show from last year here: 2011 ESMA week wrap-up on Horse Radio Network – archive. The archived link for today’s show will be posted here later this week. (Update: Here’s the link for the 2012 HITM/ESMA Wrap-up)

Enjoy the wrap-up!

If you’re new to the ESMAs or want to learn more, here’s a link where you can read up on the subject.

And here’s where you can view the ‘virtual awards show’ to see who’s won what, for both 2012 AND 2011:


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