52 Fridays 2012 – #8 Some Interesting Stuff Going On In Horsebiz Marketing

52 Fridays is an ongoing series for equestrian professionals and equine business owners and managers, with marketing and public relations stories, ideas, tips, and resources shared here each Friday.

Image courtesy BreyerFest.com

A bunch of equine industry press releases have crossed my computer screen recently, so here’s a potpourri of some news items that I find intriguing from a marketing and/or social media viewpoint.

  • Birth control for wild horses!? Yes, you read it right. If you didn’t see that headline, you can read the Humane Society’s (HSUS) news release here, where the Environmental Protection Agency is announcing they’re rolling out a fertility control vaccine for wild horse herds. The wild horse issue is a sensitive one, with passionate and vocal supporters on all sides of this topic, which makes any news or announcements particularly difficult from a public relations viewpoint.
  • BreyerFest 2012 jumps on the London Olympics bandwagon with their ‘British Invasion’ theme: The 2012 Summer Olympics news is heating up, and the folks at Breyer are smart to combine a 60s ‘British invasion’ theme (and all the groovy design elements from that era) with the excitement the Olympics are going to generate for their annual BreyerFest event this July at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Since this year is the 23rd, I imagine these savvy marketers are already thinking about a blow-out celebration for their upcoming 25th event in 2014. What’ll it be? I’m curious to find out!
  • The ESMAs are done for 2012; listen to the wrap-up on Monday morning: If you’re involved in marketing or social media for a horsebiz (or even if you’re not a horsey person but you handle social media for a small business of some other kind), you’ll want to check out the 2012 PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Award (ESMAs) winners. The winners were nominated by their fans, but there was judging by a panel of experts from around the globe, and then the judges’ scores were tabulated with a popular vote to select the winners from the pool of finalists. The Horses In The Morning show on Horse Radio Network will have an all-ESMA wrap-up on Monday morning, March 12; there’s also mobile link, so you can take the show with you via your iPhone or Android smartphone.


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