Monday Quick Tip – 2012 ESMA Week Is Here, Honoring The Best In Horsebiz Social Media

ESMA Week is here!

The 2012 Equestrian Social Media Awards winners will be announced this week via their ‘virtual awards show.’ A different awards video is posted each day, announcing winners from the 30 different awards categories this year.

We’ve got the links to watch the videos AND listen to the Horse Radio Network wrap-up next Monday, March 12th. If you’re using social networking and social media for your horsebiz, tune in to find out what’s considered ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to horse industry social media use.

If you’re new to the ESMAs or want to learn more, here’s a link where you can read up on the subject.

And here’s where you can view and listen to see who’s won what:

As readers know, this year I was selected to be on the Expert Panel of judges for the 2012 ESMAs; I judged in the categories of Twitter use; Riding School; and for the Central America and Central/Southern Africa regions. I’m very honored to be asked, since I know the importance of peer recognition of your work AND I’m a full-on supporter and champion of what the ESMAs provide for the horse world, a way for us all to learn how to do better at social media and share tactics and strategies. And, the list of judges is fantastic, with some of the top equine industry PR, marketing, and social media experts involved.

Here’s a comment from Liam Killen, co-founder of the ESMAs, about why I was invited for this year’s Expert Panel:

“Lisa was among those instrumental in raising awareness of the ESMAs in the U.S.,” reports Liam Killen, co-founder of the ESMAs and director of Abbeyview Equine. “Not only was she a well-deserved finalist in the 2011 ESMAs, but she is also a true teacher, using her No Biz Like Horsebiz blog to enlighten, entertain, and educate equestrian business owners across the globe. Lisa understands the importance of the online world to the advancement of equestrianism; she will be an amazing judge!”

And here’s what Horse Radio Network had to say about their wrap-up show, which is now an annual event in getting word out about the ESMAs:

“Here at HRN we’re strong believers in and supporters of the power of the equestrian community as it exists through social media and the Internet,” reports HRN founder and ‘America’s Horse Husband’ Glenn the Geek. “Lisa Kemp connected us early on with ESMA founders Liam Killen and Rhea Freeman; that connection resulted in the very first ESMA Week Wrap-Up on our Horses In The Morning show, which is now an annual event,” he adds. “We’re pleased to provide the ESMAs with another outlet for getting the word out about the best social media practices in the horse world.” 

If you haven’t seen an ESMA awards video yet, you will want to watch these, especially if you’re a fan of British humor/humour or want to see who’s doing what with social media these days. There are some truly excellent applications of technology and social media strategy out there, and who knows, maybe for 2013 you can be a winner, too!


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