52 Fridays 2012 – #6 Despite No Oscar For WAR HORSE, It Was Still A ‘Knight’ Of Horsebiz Success

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Image courtesy oscars.org

Equestrian Oscar nominee WAR HORSE lost out on taking home even a single statuette despite a respectable six nominations for the Steven Spielberg film.

However, the evening wasn’t a total loss for the horse world, since horses were featured on not one, but TWO major American networks that night.

Horses usually get supporting role status in film and TV productions, since they’re treated more like ‘silent film stars’ and background than the lead:

Still, it’s a good thing when horses ARE featured in typically mainstream media outlets, since it gets them smack dab in front of other horse lovers and potential horse owners, riding lesson students, or equestrian event supporters and attendees.

  • This article at Horsetalk.co.nz (which also has the full Oscars nominations/winners list) mentions that Yahoo! searches in the U.K. for WAR HORSE were more than any other Best Picture nominee, including three times the amount of searches for actual Best Picture winner The Artist.
  • The New York Times reported in late January that once the movie was released, more books were sold in Britain within the next two weeks (60,000) than in the first 25 years after the book was published (50,000).

So despite WAR HORSE not getting an Academy Award®, even having the film made, and having its imagery as part of the Oscars broadcast was a coup for the horse world. Add to that the jokes and monologue mentions, and it all adds up to the overall WAR HORSE mystique, which will continue with upcoming theatrical productions. Plus, there’s now a behind-the-scenes coffee table book; if you loved the movie and want more, check out this article about the book (with pictures!) at the WAR HORSE Blog written by Fran Jurga at Equisearch.com.

Image courtesy MedievalTimes.com

By now you might be asking, where was the SECOND example of horsey primetime programming? It was courtesy NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, where jousting wasn’t the only drama taking place at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

The two teams were tasked with creating an original show for Medieval Times patrons; the episode ran directly opposite the Oscar telecast. If you missed the show, you can watch the full episode here until June 4, 2012. Or, you can ‘Like’ the Medieval Times Facebook page to be entered for a chance to win a trip to attend The Celebrity Apprentice finale in New York City.

Image courtesy MedievalTimes.com

It will be interesting to see how much mileage Medieval Times gets from this media placement, and whether it translates into additional sales for them. As with any horsebiz, the actual mileage may vary, depending on what’s done to reinforce and build upon the media mention.

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