Monday Quick Tip – If You’re Using Social Media For Your Horsebiz, This Video Is A Stunner

It’s catch-up time at No Biz Like Horsebiz! Watch for and enjoy multiple posts throughout the week – it’s part of catching up due to the International Hoof-Care Summit, helping judge the ESMAs, and new client projects. Whew, how’s YOUR February progressing?

I first saw this video by Socialnomics author Erik Qualman (@equalman on Twitter) several years ago at an American Horse Publications (AHP) conference. I remember being wowed at the time, not only by the quality of the video, but by the sheer scope of social media, how it’s infiltrated our day-to-day lives, and what it might mean for our future, including the future of the equine industry. When sitting in front of your own computer, or updating Facebook or Twitter accounts on your smartphone, it’s hard to grasp the global yet personal nature of the social media ‘revolution’ and just how many lives it’s changing.

Qualman completely updated the video in 2011, so put your settings on full screen mode, turn up the sound, and prepare to be amazed.

The speaker sharing the video at that AHP conference was the lovely and generous Bill Shelton, principal of Left Field Creative, a devoted family man, horse owner, and lover of the Great American Pasttime, baseball. Thanks, Bill!

I used the Social Media Revolution 3 video last week in my International Hoof-Care Summit talks on social media, and it certainly got some attention; it’s also been embraced and used by social media evangelists of all kinds as a tool to illustrate the scope and reach of social media in our world today. The version I originally saw had the ‘Right Here, Right Now’ techno song by Fatboy Slim (which I happen to love), but the version linked below (click on the image) has a new soundtrack which might be more appealing to some. This link takes you to a post at Qualman’s site where he also lists the eye-popping statistics in the video along with his sources. If you’d prefer the Fatboy Slim version (I do, but one Summit attendee asked me why couldn’t the video have had country music!), Qualman has made it available here.

Here’s something else I found interesting: A new study in the UK shows that among 16-24 year olds, social media has now overtaken television as their favorite activity; for the 25-34 group they could go either way, but even in the 55+ group social media was preferred 32% of the time over TV. This article on gives a great overview of the Click Consult survey results, including comments by Matt Bullas, the firm’s managing director, about how these stats show not the death of traditional activities like watching TV, but indicate new ways of doing things that incorporate the social aspects of technology. Are we circling back to the days of huge real-time television audiences, so that everyone can live-tweet and connect socially during the show? It’s like having an Earth-sized living room.

If you need a visual to demonstrate the power & reach of social media and how it’s allowing communication and connection among like-minded people everywhere on Earth, here you go. Show it to your family, your co-workers, your boss, your saddle club, your veterinarian, your farrier, your feed store owner. It’s certainly food for thought.


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