Monday Quick Tip – No Hoof-Care, No Horsebiz: The 2012 International Hoof-Care Summit Is This Week

Ever hear the saying ‘no hoof, no horse?’ If you’ve ever experienced your own foot problems, you know how true that can be; foot pain can be excruciating and can limit your mobility and quality of life.

Horses rely upon good feet for many reasons, and hoof issues such as laminitis, quarter cracks, and even poor trimming or shoeing can sideline a horse for weeks, months, or even permanently. It’s pretty amazing how much science is behind modern horseshoeing, and this week farriers from around the globe can get up to speed on the newest and latest technologies and techniques at the International Hoof-Care Summit. Is your horsebiz farrier attending?

The 2012 American Farriers Journal (AFJ) International Hoof-Care Summit is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and features both content and networking. With 16 hours of general sessions, 15 hours of classroom workshops, 28 hours of hoof-care roundtables, and 9 hours of tradeshow shopping, my mind is reeling at the sheer volume of knowledge that will jump from brain to brain this week.

Here are a few marketing-oriented reasons to check out the Summit:

  • If your horsebiz relies upon farriers, for your own horses or your customers’ horses, it might be worthwhile to ask him or her if they’ve attended the Summit, or what else they do to keep up on advances in trimming and shoeing. 
  • Access to knowledgeable, capable farriers is a good selling point when it comes to marketing services such as boarding and training.
  • If you are a farrier, the Summit can be good for continuing education and networking with industry leaders, PLUS it’s something you can feature in your marketing program. Learn something new there? Share it with your clients, they’ll appreciate it.

You can view the 12-page Summit program here. This year, I’ll be attending the Summit for the first time. You might have heard that last year (2011) AFJ asked me to join their team as a contributing writer; I’ve been getting up to speed on the industry, and have turned in articles on topics such as shoeing rig (truck and/or trailer) features and safety, social media and smartphone use for the horseshoeing business, and the ins and outs of hiring apprentices. I’m really enjoying the team at Lessiter Publications, and over the Christmas holiday had a chance to swing by their Wisconsin offices for a little facetime and even some holiday party potluck.

AFJ has asked me to do several presentations on social media for the Summit; for one of them I’m partnering with a Midwest farrier, Tom Rock of TSR Farrier Service. Since he’s in northern Illinois, my dog Bella and I had a field trip up there a few weeks ago to work on our presentation, and I must say we’ve put together some really useful content to share with the Summit attendees.

I’ll be sure to share some insights and information here in coming weeks; in the meantime, have a lovely Groundhog Day on Feb 2nd!

Did you know the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day was filmed twenty years ago (1992) in Woodstock, Illinois, about 90 minutes northwest of Chicago? That cute town square in the movie is just as cute in real life. If you’re in the area, here’s a list of activities this week, including screenings of the movie and a walking tour of filming sites.


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