Monday Quick Tip – Could ‘Free Ponies For Everyone’ Become A Horsebiz Marketing Strategy?

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Have you heard of the ‘presidential candidate’ who’s running on a ‘free ponies for everyone’ platform for 2012? While his approach might be over-the-top, it’s another example of the growing ‘horses in the mainstream media’ presence that’s been gathering steam over the past few years, and that I feel has some promise in terms of incubating new markets for the equestrian world.

You can skip to 2:20 on the videotape to get to the horsey (I mean pony) content. While the whole video is pretty kooky (it’s meant to be satire), the ‘pony platform’ does touch on serious, real-life issues:

  • The candidate, Vermin Supreme (yes, really) talks about a pony-based economy providing jobs and lessening America’s dependence on foreign oil.
  • Mr. Supreme also talks about ‘pony poop’ as something that can revitalize our depleted farmland soil and provide a renewable energy source (methane gas).
  • And, he refers to a Federal Pony Identification Program that would require each person to carry their pony with them at all times.

The video is pretty kooky (it’s meant to be satire), and has its own relevance in the political world as a way to point out legitimate issues such as jobs, foreign relations and oil, the environment, and a possible national ID system somewhere in our future; but, this video is also another example of ‘horses in mainstream media’ that gets horses into the minds of potential riding lesson students, horse owners, and tack buyers. Silly? Yes. But it shows what gets attention and cuts through media clutter these days.

However, in all seriousness, there’s another group that’s working to get horses in front of mainstream markets and new, aspiring riders and owners. The AmerEquine Festival of the Horse has partnered with The Equine Network and USRider to develop the Ride Now Tour:

Equine Network, the official media partner of AmerEquine, will team up with USRider to present the Ride Now Tour. A multi-state mobile marketing tour targeting active and aspiring riders, the tour is designed to rally the public to get out and “Ride Now” via nearly 50 educational “Roundup” presentations at retail locations and horse-related events across the U.S. Tour ambassadors host dynamic, interactive programs about the skills, gear and knowledge people need to get out and enjoy their horses. 

 It should be interesting to see how this works in actual practice, and whether horsebiz owners and managers are willing and able to make the changes necessary to welcome more newcomers to the horse world. What do you think? Add your thoughts using the Leave a Reply box below.


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