52 Fridays – #52 How Many Of Your Horsebiz Goals Did You Achieve Last Year? Did You Write Them Down?

52 Fridays is a year-long series for equestrian professionals and equine business owners and managers, with marketing and public relations information, ideas, tips, & resources shared here on Fridays throughout 2011.

Each New Year typically brings a media frenzy on the topic of goals and resolutions. However, about the time the celebratory confetti hits the garbage can, resolutions meet up with the light of day and most people simply don’t follow through.

It’s hard work to make a goal reality. But when the rubber hits the road and the going gets tough, are you able to power through and achieve your horsebiz goals, or do you get sidetracked by to-do lists or daily dramas? Here’s what to do about it.

One of my own goals in 2011 was to finish the 52 Fridays series. I wanted to write substantive, in-depth how-tos on a variety of marketing, public relations, and social media topics, to support horse businesses in improving their marketing, being more successful, reaching more people with equestrian activities, and growing the horse industry. We kicked off in mid January with knowing how to reach your target markets, and with this one, the set is complete. Time to celebrate!

But, Fridays came around awfully quick this past year, and I certainly faced challenges along the way during the last 12 months. But it’s done. It’s been kinda like climbing a mountain (which I’ve done), slogging through step-by-step but once you see that amazing vista at the end it’s all worth it. For some, it might also be like delivering a baby (which I’ve not done!); I’ve heard that once you see that little newborn face, the hormones kick in and labor pains become a faint memory along the path to getting there. The point is that during the process it feels like you’ll never get to the goal, but once you do, you’re glad you stuck with it.

I used to coach people through their own struggles to accomplish their goals; yes, I was one of those ‘life coaches’ that everyone likes to joke about but that Oprah loves so much. I went through an intensive training program and achieved certification, plus I loved the work, but I loved the horse world more so I gave it up. However, recently I saw an old client of mine, and she said ‘I wish you were still coaching, it was like magic!’ Nice to hear that, but truly, there’s no magic involved in setting and reaching your goals.

You can google ‘goal setting’ and come up with a ginormous amount of goal setting resources; I got over 25 million in my search. But, some of the basics of goal-setting are universal, and they include:

  • Clearly envision what you want to accomplish
  • Write it down
  • Set a date for accomplishing it
  • Commit to making it happen
  • Get help and support as you need to
  • Celebrate small successes along the way

That ‘writing it down’ thing is key; think of it as your first step in reaching your goal, and be sure to give yourself that deadline…it provides a measure of accountability.

I recently came across a notebook where I’d written down my five year goals. Now, it was a list I’d forgotten about, and haven’t looked at for ages, but I was pleased to see I’d already achieved at least 50%, and some of the remaining ones were no longer relevant due to changing circumstances or desires. When did I write out those goals? I discovered the notebook nearly five years to the day from when I wrote them out. Spooky, huh?!

Writing down your goal gets your subconscious focusing on achievement, and it starts taking that goal from a dream to a reality. According to a quote from Anthony Robbins, goals are just dreams with a deadline. If a dream remains a ‘someday’ in your mind and heart, when will it ever happen? You can start by simply capturing those dreams into a list and adding a due date. It works.


For more on identifying and setting goals, read 52 Fridays #48 for information about creating a vision statement for your horsebiz, and 52 Fridays #2 for details on prioritizing your goals.

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2 responses to “52 Fridays – #52 How Many Of Your Horsebiz Goals Did You Achieve Last Year? Did You Write Them Down?

  1. Congratulations, Lisa! 52 Fridays is a terrific accomplishment.

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