Today Is First #HorseHooky Edition Of #OHChat – Why Your Horsebiz Should Care

Last week I mentioned the upcoming ‘crossover event’ of #HorseHooky on #OHChat…today’s the day, and here’s how to play along at 1 PM Eastern, noon Central time.

However, you might be saying to youself ‘well, I’m not on Twitter, so why should I care?’ or ‘that seems silly – what a waste of time.’ If that’s the case, you might want to do some serious re-thinking. Here’s why….

Plain and simple, ‘crossover’ events like this get more people exposed to horse activities. When the equine world is out in front of mainstream people rather than hidden away behind the proverbial barn door, they get to see firsthand how great horses are and all the activities they can do with them

That’s why Carson Kressley recently had a pair of Saddlebreds on the Nate Berkus Show, putting ole Nate (with helmet! yay!) aboard a well-mannered mount in support of a national program encouraging riding.

It’s why there’s a #bumsinsaddles campaign in the UK, to leverage the high profile of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and get people interested in equestrian activities because they’re inspired by the athleticism and heart of the Olympic riders and horses.

Think about it – when more people are considering a life or career with horses, it means:

  • more students in equine studies programs & veterinary schools
  • more people buying equestrian gear, horse magazines/books, hay/feed, fencing and barn-building supplies, etc.
  • more people interested in buying equestrian real estate
  • more people going to equestrian events, whether as attendees or exhibitors
  • more entertainment options such as the Seabiscuit, Secretariat, Buck, and upcoming War Horse movies
  • more jobs across the industry – a bigger industry simply provides more need and opportunity for work
  • a larger and more powerful voice when it comes to horse industry concerns like open land for equine activities and raising hay & feed
So, I hope that even if you don’t participate in the #OHChat and #HorseHooky today on Twitter, you’ll come back for the ‘Best of #HorseHooky’ recap I’ll post after the event, AND that it’ll inspire you to think differently about how to reach out to new target markets with your marketing and social media. Let me know how I can help.


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