Monday Morning Quick Tip – Using Social Media For Your Horsebiz? It’s Awards Time!

The horse world is getting used to the idea of embracing technology and social media for marketing purposes. Every week I hear from someone new that’s just started their Facebook page, has launched their own Twitter account, or is considering starting a blog. It’s all good.

A few weeks ago at my equestrian expo presentation on social media, I had attendees who were new to social media and some that had gotten started but wanted to improve; one trio included a couple who were the business owners, plus their newly hired assistant who was going to develop their horsebiz social media. All of social media, and how best to use it to achieve your own unique goals, has a learning curve; one way to learn about best practices includes looking at who the ‘movers and shakers’ are when it comes to horsebiz social media, and the Equestrian Social Media Awards provides a perfect opportunity to do it!

The PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) features some of the best and most innovative uses of social media in the equine industry. Below are links with information about the 2011 ESMAs; new for 2012 are regional categories based on the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Regional Groups, plus an FEI World Award that will go to the ‘best in show’ from all the regional categories.

In the first ESMAs, I was a Top Ten finalist in the Best Use of Twitter/International division; this year I’ve been asked to serve on the ESMA Panel of Experts, a great honor and something I’m very proud to be a part of.

Nominations open December 15th; you can take a peek at the 2012 categories and regions here, or check out who won in 2011.

The movie industry has the Oscars, theater has the Tonys, television has the Emmys…and the horse world now has the ESMAs. I hope you’ll nominate and vote for your own favorites, and spread the word. We’ll all benefit from recognizing the equine world’s best and brightest, along with learning from their creative approaches in harnessing social media to promote equestrian sport and activities.

Read more about the ESMAs here:

First-Ever Equestrian Social Media Awards

And the award goes to…. (ESMA week is here!) 

What We Can Learn From The 2011 ESMA Award Winners

How Quickly A Year Goes By….


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