Monday Morning Quick Tip – Northern Illinois Expo Has Learning Track For Horsebiz Pros

Isn’t it a challenge to keep on top of the rapidly changing landscape of modern day horsebiz management? If you’re in the Midwest, an upcoming Expo has a learning track designed to help horse professionals, including managers and business owners, with topics including marketing, legal, environmental, and even a session on how to understand and work with different client ‘types.’

Now in its 4th year, the Chicagoland Equestrian Lifestyle Expo and Holiday Market is a presentation of the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois. As an educational and shopping event, there are no horses on site, but horsefolk of all orientations, disciplines, and breed affiliations are welcomed.

Expo keynoters include:

  • Jane Savoie – three-time Olympic coach, international dressage competitor, and author
  • Dr. Robert M. Miller – father of ‘foal imprint training’ and world-renowned veterinarian, speaker, and author
  • Charles Wilhelm – trainer/communicator/motivator and expert in classical and natural horsemanship
  • Ann S. Reilly, PhD – sports psychologist and performance enhancement consultant
  • Diane Carney – Illinois hunter/jumper professional, Grand Prix rider, and USEF judge
  • Dianne Eppers – AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year, top coach, and executive director of the National Snaffle Bit Association
  • Larry Whitesell – internationally known clinician and gaited riding’s recognized authority – with Jennifer Bauer

I’ve now spoken on horsebiz marketing and social media at all four years of the Expo, with topics from how to stretch your marketing budget to what goes into great website design; this year I’ll have two sessions in the ProTrack. What’s that?!

Last year the Expo management developed the ProTrack, putting in business-oriented topics geared not to the average horse owner, but to the equine professional trying to build horsebiz success during challenging times. They’ve brought in equine industry specialists to help those working in the horse world stay up to speed on business-related topics that affect their ability to succeed.

 The two sessions I’ll be doing are both on Sunday, November 20th. The first one is titled Fifty (Yes, 50!) Social Media Tips For Horsebiz Success – that’s going to be 50 tips in 50 minutes, folks! For the second session I’m partnering with Martha Thompson-Hoyt from the Palos Hills Riding Stables and New Traditions Riding Academy in Palos Hills, Illinois for Why The Mid-Life Woman Should Be Your Target Market: How To Find Her, How To Keep Her.

All ProTrack sessions are held during the Sunday programming, but there’s plenty going on during Saturday, too. If you’re coming in from out of town, there are lots of hotels in the area, AND it’s near Dover Saddlery’s brand-new Libertyville store, which is holding its Grand Opening that weekend; it replaces the iconic and now-closed Libertyville Saddle Shop, and the building is H-U-G-E, so there’s sure to be some good stuff in there. I hope to see you at the Expo…and if you’re a No Biz Like Horsebiz reader, please be sure to say hello!

All images courtesy Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and Chicagoland Equestrian Lifestyle Expo & Holiday Market.


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6 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – Northern Illinois Expo Has Learning Track For Horsebiz Pros

  1. Sevie Kenyon

    has the expo got a # yet?

    • Great question, Sevie! I’ve asked the Expo organizers, and will post it here when they respond. They’re checking right now.

      For anyone not sure about what a # is, it’s a ‘hashtag’ on Twitter. By using a hashtag in a ‘tweet’ or Twitter post, anyone can search for the hashtag, finding others on Twitter who are participating in that event or commenting on it.

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