Monday Morning Quick Tip – How Chicago Beach Polo Followed Up – And Your Horsebiz Can, Too

Image courtesy Robert Milkovich Photography

Last Monday’s Quick Tip focused on what Chicago Beach Polo did to enhance their chances of getting media coverage on their first-ever lakeside polo match in downtown Chicago. This week I wanted to share a bit about how the event’s PR agent followed up after the event, something every horsebiz should factor into their event marketing strategy.

Follow-up with the media after your event can be every bit as important as advance contact prior to the event. You’ll want to be sure the reporter or outlet has all the information they need, answer any questions they have, and pass along images that tell the story. It’s also helpful to provide an event recap, especially if there are newsy details such as who was there, how many attended, what happened during the event, or any final outcomes.

Stephanie Krol, the public relations agent for the recent Grey Goose Chicago Beach Polo World Cup 2011 did just that:

  • Provided an ‘official recap’ within a few days of the event (read it below)
  • Included a link to an online photo gallery, with pro shots that could be used for media coverage – I selected a few to include here
  • Continued to be responsive by email for several questions I had

Your horsebiz can do the same! Be sure to write down media contact information (name, phone number, and email address), and make time to follow up afterward. Write up an event recap and email it to reporters and media outlets, along with a link to an online photo gallery – there are plenty of free photo sharing options online, or if you’ve hired a pro photographer ask to have an ‘event gallery’ set up at their website. Be sure to include the photo credit!

Your event doesn’t have to attract thousands of attendees to get quality media coverage. One way to do it is to learn from high-profile and larger-budget events such as this, and apply the techniques to your own horsebiz event.


So here it is…Chicago Beach Polo’s official recap – enjoy!

Over the weekend, Saturday, October 1st & Sunday, October 2nd, over 2,700 attendees gathered at the GREY GOOSE® Chicago Beach Polo World Cup at North Avenue Beach! Sponsored by GREY GOOSE®, Don Miguel Gascón®, Amstel Light, Trump International Hotel & Tower® Chicago, Michigan Avenue, Fogo de Chao and Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar to name a few, guests received the VIP treatment with food, cocktails and a front row seat to the sport of kings! Everyone was “dressed to impress” in their best polo-inspired looks, incorporating everything from riding boots and hats to breeches and blazers! On Saturday, Alderman Michele Smith threw out the first ball and that afternoon, Cityblue Apparel & Denim and Factor Runway hosted a fashion show between the matches showcasing fall looks from L.A.M.B, Sass & Bide, C/Fan and more! Secretary of State Jessie White threw out the first ball on Sunday, while local and international players battled it out until dusk, followed by an award ceremony for all teams.

Image courtesy Robert Milkovich Photography

“Between Chicago’s great history of polo and the spectacular lakeshore, we knew the Windy City would be perfect for our second beach polo location,” says Bruce Orosz, CEO of The Polo Life. “It’s the sport of kings, and Chicago identifies with that, having such a vast polo community. The city buzzed about polo this year and we received such a warm, energetic response that we’ve already planned for next year, September 2012!”

VIPS included Candace Jordan, Philanthropist and Chicago Tribune contributor; Carmindy Bowyer, Make-up Artist from TLC’s What Not To Wear;  CBS’ Walter JacobsonSusan Carlson and Ron VasserJohn Murray, Chairman of the Chicago Sports Commission; Jerry Azumah, former Chicago Bears player; Mark Mitten, Former Chicago 2016 Chicago Olympic Committee Chief Marketing Officer; Reute Butler (whose family founded Oak Brook and introduced polo to the Midwest); Elizabeth Jarosz, The Apprentice (Season 2); Don Hannah, father of Actress Darryl Hannah; Jack Hartman, President of The RISE Group; Lori Healey, Principal of The John Buck Company; Dan Gibbons, Chief of Operations, Office of Richard M. Daley; Joseph Milito, President of The Old Town Merchants Association and more!

Image courtesy Robert Milkovich Photography

“We were thrilled with the response from the players, sponsors and spectators,” said Alex Webbe, Chairman of International Beach Polo Association. “With my family roots firmly planted in the Chicago area, I’m very excited to see the kind of response the event received, and am looking forward to our return again next year.”

Also, as tribute to the host city, The Polo Life will contribute partial proceeds of the two-day event to benefit the 100 Club of Chicago, which provides support and assistance to the families of fallen police officers and firefighters in Cook County and Illinois Education Foundation, which provides last-dollar community college scholarships to low-income, high-potential students. For more information, visit!

All images courtesy Robert Milkovich Photography

Below are the final results information from the matches: 

Chicago Beach Polo World Cup (men)

1. Titan commercial

2. Lufthansa

3. Grey Goose

4. Gascon

5. Amstel Light/Comcast

MVP: Guillermo Usandizaga

BPP (Best Playing Pony): Trifecta – owned by Cliff Yandell, played by Brandon Phillips (Lufthansa)

Final Score:  Titan Commercial 11, Lufthansa 3


Image courtesy Robert Milkovich Photography

North Beach Women’s Polo Cup (women)

1. Lufthansa

2. Gascon

3. Grey Goose

4. Trump Residence

MVP: Whitney Vogt (Lufthansa)

BPP: Negrita – owned by Marcelo Cabeza, played by Tara Lordi (Gascon)

Final Score: Lufthansa 5, Gascon 4 OT  (in an overtime shoot-out)

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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – How Chicago Beach Polo Followed Up – And Your Horsebiz Can, Too

  1. I saw the pic of the polo player on the beach and thought, “Cool! Let’s go!” Material showing a past event is a great sales tool for future events.

    Back in the day, I used to promote events for a horse rescue. Fortunately, they planned their events for a year in advance, so I could work with local periodical editorial calendars. Some publications want news up to six months in advance to announce an event. Planning so far ahead is hard, as is sending out notice of a Christmas event before Labor Day :), but those local periodicals with event calendars have been a great resource for people making plans.

    • Great comment, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing your insights…I agree, getting the word out well in advance takes thinking and planning. I think it’s great that with the Internet there’s all kinds of ‘free’ calendars out there for the horse world these days.

      When I was growing up I always used to wonder about the late night talk shows and how they managed to show things in their ‘teaser’ commercials that would happen on the show last night. Wasn’t until I got older and realized they were pre-recorded (d’oh!) that it made sense – and that’s exactly what many event planners do, use images and information from the prior event to promote the next one. Great point, thanks for taking the time to share! LK

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