52 Fridays – #38 Why Co-Op Advertising Can Be A Smart Horsebiz Tactic

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Have you ever heard of co-op advertising? While the U.S. Small Business Administration calls it a ‘relatively unknown form of advertising,’ it’s touted as a way for small businesses to engage in advertising that might normally be out of financial reach. Here’s why co-op ads should be considered, as part of your overall horsebiz marketing strategy….

In a nutshell, co-op advertising is an ad cost-sharing arrangement, typically where national manufacturers or suppliers make available co-op dollars to their retailers, often based on the amount of sales. It can be applied to any medium (TV, print, radio, Internet), and can include graphic design or other creative assistance, or promotional support such as display items.

Co-op ad programs can have many benefits beyond just financial savings, such as enhanced response due to recognizable brand names and tie-in with national advertising campaigns. Here are a few resources that share insights on how to set up and use co-op advertising arrangements:

Logo image from pressherald.com

This Portland Press Herald newspaper ‘laundry list’ shows many of the ways that co-op advertising dollars can be used, including to increase customer traffic, focus on specific products, or enhance general brand awareness. They’re also set up to help advertisers identify co-op dollars available to them, something you can check into next time you’re considering an ad; media outlets want to sell ads, so ask them how they can help you identify and use co-op tactics to advertise more frequently and with greater effectiveness.

Image from pasofinofinder.com

Right about now you might be saying ‘that’s all fine and good for retailers and manufacturers, but what about my farm/stable/breeding & training operation?!’ Have no fear – here’s one example of co-op advertising for Paso Fino horse breeders. Pasofinofinder.com’s Co-op Advertising Network sets up a theme each year, with advertising placed in print and at many of the larger horse expos such as Equine Affaire. Expos can be a great way to reach potential customers, so banding together in this way to get your breed & farm in front of new markets more economically is a great idea.

And finally, whether you plan to advertise in the Yellow Pages or not, the Yellow Pages Integrated Media Association has an 11-page PDF outlining in detail how co-op advertising works; while it’s geared toward Yellow Pages advertising, it’s also got some great sample ads that can serve as inspiration and will explain some of the key terminology.

If you’ve never considered co-op advertising before, take some time to mull over how to fit it into your existing marketing strategy. It might put a different level of advertising within reach of your horsebiz.

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2 responses to “52 Fridays – #38 Why Co-Op Advertising Can Be A Smart Horsebiz Tactic

  1. Another great post! This is something that I’ve never heard of, and I’m betting that a lot of others haven’t either. Really good food for thought!

    • Glad you liked it, Susan! While most of the information I researched dealt with mainstream co-op advertising, the equine niche might catch onto this concept soon, and those who learn about it early on could benefit most. I love it because it fits right into my ‘a rising tide floats all boats’ philosophy of the horsebiz. Thanks for reading! LK

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