Monday Morning Quick Tip – Use Storify To Tell Your Horsebiz Stories

It’s no secret that I like Twitter, but many still haven’t jumped into the tweeting pool, citing ‘it goes too fast’ or ‘it’s too confusing.’ Here’s a way to slo-o-o-o-w things down for your target markets when it comes to Twitter and other social media, plus gather and use that social media to tell a story about your horsebiz.

Still in a Beta (test) version, Storify nonetheless has some interesting features, uses, and possibilities. It’s a ‘drag and drop’ way to curate items from various social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Rather than creating brand-new content all the time, curation is a way to gather items that already exist and tell a story using various elements. Think of it like curating a museum exhibit – you’re collecting the best bits to showcase a particular aspect of a story or event, such as:

  • Did you live tweet from an event and share candid photos? Collect everything into one place and share some extra thoughts or memories via Storify.
  • Have multiple people shared your content across various social networking sites? You can collect the best shares into one place, and then share that with your audience.
  • Want to have a list of different aspects of a topic or different points of view from a variety of people? Storify lets you do that, easily.

Although the drag & drop does have to occur within your Storify account, you can select from a variety of social media, and even search for particular users or keywords. I found it very easy to use, even on the first try. Here you can see my very first Storify collection, a grouping of some tweets from last night’s #blogchat on Twitter.

Search engines like fresh content…generating new content can be time-consuming, but Storify provides a way to have fresh content by organizing the social media of others, around topics relevant to your audience. Looks like the SEO results can be impressive, too – the morning after #blogchat, @JTDabbagian’s Storify collection of one-tweet blog topic summaries came up #1 in a Google search on #blogchat transcript august 28 2011:

To help you get started using Storify, here are some excellent tips from Staci Baird (@girljournalist), a media consultant and journalism at San Francisco State, who’s modeling great curation by sharing her 5 ‘Rules’ for Journalists Using Storify via a Storify collection.

Storify – it’s looking to me to be a fast and fun way to curate social media content from across the social networking world. Give it a try, and be sure to share your Storifys with me!

Many thanks to @JTDabbagian for introducing me to the potential in Storify!

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4 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – Use Storify To Tell Your Horsebiz Stories

  1. Thanks Lisa, I enjoyed reading this article and learning about Storify. Looks like an interesting way to provide a personal twist on aggregated content.

  2. Great info! Always nice to hear about new technologies 🙂

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