Monday Morning Quick Tip – Publicity Could Result, If You ‘Help A Reporter Out’

The 52 Fridays article from last Friday received some nice extra traffic – it was picked up as a StumbleUpon item, quadrupling my traffic for Saturday. Nice to have, so thanks, StumbleUpon! However, many of those readers probably weren’t in my target markets (horsebiz owners and managers and equestrian professionals), so I’m not expecting those one-day numbers to continue as the norm. Likewise, don’t be disappointed if that happens in your marketing efforts, just take the ups and downs in stride.

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However, since the 52 Fridays series is currently focused on media and publicity topics, I thought I’d share a resource that might help you with getting connected with journalists. It’s a website called Help A Reporter Out (HARO) at

Founded by Peter Shankman and now owned and run by Vocus, Inc., this site allows people and businesses to sign up as sources, and it allows journalists, writers, authors, bloggers, and reporters to send out queries when they’re looking for a specific type of interview source or a subject matter expert.

Queries from journalists are sent via email newsletter 3X daily, so you’ll need to review and respond quickly in order to snag a potential story opportunity. You can follow HARO on Twitter via @HelpAReporter, and connect with them on Facebook, too.

An audio intro on the homepage (a 3-4 minute spiel by founder Shankman) says they’ve helped over 100,000 journalists globally, many of them repeat customers. Over 130,000 sources are signed up, and Shankman says they’ll never charge for this service.

It’s pretty easy to sign up as a source; just fill in your email address and password, and voilà! The site does use cookies and collect some information, but they don’t sell/rent the information according to HARO’s privacy policy.

HARO, just like any tool, isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to getting publicity, building brand awareness, and attracting new customers for your horsebiz. But, I’ve heard from a number of my equestrian writer colleagues that they’ve found it a lifesaver, and since it’s f-r-e-e, why not? And, if HARO brings you some media attention, I hope you’ll come back here and share your results in the Comments section.

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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – Publicity Could Result, If You ‘Help A Reporter Out’

  1. Great article Lisa! I’ve been signed up with HARO for quite a while. It’s interesting to get the emails and see what kind of information that people are looking for.

    I’m the one that has started sharing your posts on StumbleUpon. I’ve been doing that with my blog posts and it does create an awareness of one’s blog. There are 15 million Stumblers (of which I am one) and there’s a great chance that some are in your target market. This post has also been submitted, so you should probably see another spike.

    • Thanks, Susan, for both the HARO insights and solving my StumbleUpon mystery! I’ve been getting weekly recommendations from them for quite some time, however having them as a referral source was a nice surprise when I checked my blog stats this weekend.

      You are a primo example of a social networker par excellence, one who uses the tools well – you’re active in various of the social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, etc.); you frequently ‘like’ and comment on blog posts, tweets, etc.; and you share content you find with your own network, both those you know and those you might only be connected with by being in the same industry. Bravo!! And, thank you for your support – you inspire me to do a better job sharing my message. LK

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