Monday Morning Quick Tip – If Your Ears Are Burning, Check This To See What’s Being Said About You

Remember that old saying about if your ears are burning, it’s because someone was talking about you? With online conversations happening 24/7 via social networking, wouldn’t you like to be privy to what’s being said by others about your horsebiz?

Social Mention is one way to quickly search over 100 social media sites to see who’s saying what about you, including social media powerhouse sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, and Google. You can search for your own name, your business name, your Twitter or Facebook name, or a topic…even search and see what’s being said about others, including your competition.

For example, ‘secretariat’ was a trending term at the time of this article, so I looked to see what’s being said. Apparently the movie Secretariat was being shown on Starz, and folks were commenting about the movie via social media.

Don’t have time to search, or think it’s something you’ll forget to do? They’ve got a solution for that, with daily Social Mention Alerts you can set up based on search phrases, types of media, and mentions in 43+ languages. The alerts get plopped into your email inbox every day. There’s also a ‘Realtime Buzz Widget‘ you can embed into your blog or website, capturing ‘buzz’ mentions about your brand as they happen.

Knowing what’s being said, either positive or negative, gives you the opportunity to engage with the person saying it. Social Mention is a free, easy-to-use tool that can give you a leg up in both awareness and responsiveness in the social sphere.

What was being said about your horsebiz? Share your Social Mention results via the Leave a Comment link below. You can also give this article a score, from Very Poor to Excellent, via the new Rate This tool right under the title (hint, look for the stars!).


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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – If Your Ears Are Burning, Check This To See What’s Being Said About You

  1. I liked this blog post so much I decided to share it with my fellow internet directors (within our company). I think SocialMention is a tool we could all use to see what viewers are saying about our respective tv stations. Plus, I really wanted to see Secretariat so when I read that it was on Starz I was able to DVR it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Bridget! I love that because of my blog post you were able to DVR Secretariat! Let me know how that turns out, if your fellow directors embrace SocialMention and how you end up using it, I’m curious!! LK

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