Monday Morning Quick Tip – Spend Less Time On Your Horsebiz Email

How much time are you spending on checking, storing, responding to, and composing emails? More than you’d like?

Email has now been around for 40 years, with the official ‘birthdate’ occurring last month. For some, email provides an opportunity to connect and share information. For others, it’s a necessary evil and a time-sucker. Some have been saying email will go away now that we have social media, but have you noticed that everything you sign up for online requires an email address to do so?

Love it or hate it, email’s probably here to stay. But now two guys are doing something to transform email and the amount of time we spend chained to our accounts.

Chris Anderson (curator for TED) believes an ’email charter’ that we can mutually agree upon can transform traditional email; you can read it, sign it, and share it here:

Dave Troy and his company 410 Labs have released a simplified email service that’s linked to Twitter called Shortmail; with a 500 character limit, it automatically filters spam (hooray!) and attachments aren’t allowed. If you’re already using Twitter, you can ‘claim’ your Shortmail address through your Twitter account; it’s the same as your Twitter @ name but with an at the end.

This article from Ragan’s PR Daily has more details on both. And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your inbox, take a break and celebrate email’s 40th birthday by checking out this History of Email infographic (originally from for some humdinger email trivia and factoids.

Do you love email, or hate it? Post your thoughts via the Leave a Comment link below.


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