52 Fridays – #23 Today’s Small Video Cameras Can Give You Big Results

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It hasn’t been that long ago that video carmeras were large, bulky, expensive propositions. But today, not only do most digital cameras and smartphones offer decent video options, HD (high definition) quality video cameras can easily slip into a pocket. It opens up worlds of opportunity for using video to market your horsebiz.

Why Use Video?

It’s often said that 60-70% of the world are visual learners. That’s one of the reasons that a picture is worth a thousand words; most people simply prefer to see things rather than just hear about them.

When it comes to remembering, people recall approximately 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but 50% of what they both hear AND see, such as in a video. Add to that the ‘motion’ aspects of the horse world, and video becomes an option that’s worth using in some cases, and nearly essential in others.

  • Are you selling a horse? A good video of the horse in motion, at all gaits and in both directions, can help move a prospective buyer to the next step.
  • Is breeding your business? Videos of your stallion, and his offspring, become a living, breathing sales brochure.
  • Do you have product to sell? Video can be used for educational demos, or sharing testimonials from other customers.
  • Is your business new or innovative? Customers can develop comfort and familiarity with it through video.

With the accessability of low-cost options, there are now even more ways to use video, such as for a video news release or a book trailer. That’s right, movies aren’t the only creative medium using moving pictures for promotion; book trailers are now being incorporated into book launch campaigns!

But What About The Cameras?

Image courtesy TheFlip.com

A while back I got a Flip video camera; I’ve written in this blog about the pros and cons of the Flip, with my number one complaint being that the sound quality can be dicey, and there’s no external jack for a microphone. But the video is super, especially for a small camera, and I have the option of using either the rechargeable battery pack, or a couple of AAs in a pinch. Since then, Cisco (which bought Flip originator Pure Digital) announced plans to kill off the Flip, because smartphone video has been such a strong competitor. But, there are still options, at all price points; here are some sites with a variety of thorough camcorder reviews:

Next week the focus will be on the actual video, but it’s important to consider your equipment needs first. I found an excellent Camcorder Buying Guide from cnet.com to help with your purchase decisions. Personally, I tend to buy a bit more than what I think I’ll need and then grow into it, but these days it doesn’t cost much at all to give video a try.

What video camera(s) do you use and like for creating video about your horsebiz? Share your thoughts via the Leave a Comment link below. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #24!

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2 responses to “52 Fridays – #23 Today’s Small Video Cameras Can Give You Big Results

  1. Flip is fun, but there are other similar cameras in same price range with higher pixels, so need to shop around a bit.

    • I agree, Denise, it’s best to assess one’s needs and shop accordingly; that’s why I included some shopping guide resources. The Flip is what I purchased, but in doing so I learned that I would have preferred a jack for an external microphone. Ah, live and learn! Thanks for your comment! LK

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