Monday Morning Quickie – Are Facebook Deals Better For Horsebiz Than Groupon?

As reported last week on Fast Company’s website, Facebook’s Deals has launched in five U.S. test cities. Due to the social networking aspect of Facebook, Deals could prove to be a better deal for the equine industry than Groupon, and here’s why.

Facebook Deals doesn’t focus on the cheapest prices, or the deepest discounts. Instead, the focus is on experiences, things that you and your Facebook friends can do together, deals that you can pass along to your network of Friends or Fans. Here are some Deals that were on Facebook when I checked this morning:

  • A 3-hour Tuscan cooking class for two at a California restaurant
  • A full-day photo safari and workshop
  • A hot air balloon ride with a tour of California wine country

You get the picture. Experiences to share, gifts for friends and family, memory-makers.

Creating memorable experiences will help your horsebiz take advantage of Facebook Deals

Now, what if those Deals were equine-oriented?

  • An autumn country outing, complete with hay-wagon ride, BBQ, fireside sing-along, and s’mores
  • A lunchtime workshop on how to bet the ponies, followed by an afternoon visit to your local racetrack to put those theories into practice
  • Art workshops on how to sketch, paint, sculpt, or photograph horses, with live equine models
  • A romantic trail ride & picnic dinner for 2 to celebrate a June wedding anniversary (remember, all those June brides have June anniversaries!)
Putting together a Deal might require some out-of-the-boxstall thinking:
  • Instead of a package of riding lessons, what about a riding lesson for a group of four friends, complete with a limo ride from their pick-up location to your facility and back, plus gourmet lunch al fresco and candid photos of the experience?
  • Instead of a birthday party with pony rides, what about ‘pony learning stations’ combined with games for kids to show off their newly gained knowledge, plus a barnyard treasure hunt with prizes?
  • For a tack shop, partner with a local stable to have a Fashion Day with the latest trends in clothing for the show ring, with outfits on horse & rider models under real-life conditions instead of just inside the store. Add in brunch or hors de oeuvres & drinks, and you’ve got a social experience.

What you come up with for a Deal depends on your own particular business, but I think Facebook Deals opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for equestrian businesses.

Remember, promoting experiences requires that you know your target audience; what will make them say ‘I can’t pass this up!’ and reach for their credit card? You’ll also need to put effort into your copywriting for the Deal, so that it paints a clear, compelling picture of the experience for your potential customers.

Read up on how Facebook Deals work here, and how your business can set up a Deal here. While currently only in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco on a test market basis, Facebook has plans to roll out Deals to other areas of the country.

What do you think of Facebook Deals? Would your horsebiz or equine organization use them? Why or why not? Share your thoughts on Deals via the Leave a Comment link below.


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10 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – Are Facebook Deals Better For Horsebiz Than Groupon?

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  2. Joy Meierhans

    Great ideas, Lisa. I love how you’re always thinking outside — way outside — the box!

    • Thanks, Joy, that means a lot to me coming from a marketing pro such as yourself! I love the ways that technology opens up new promotion vistas for the horse industry, and new ways to invite in more horse fans & create stronger community. LK

  3. Great post! I think Facebook has the right idea . It’s not cut-rate deals that will necessarily help an equine business. Horses are an experience, one which we horse people know better than anyone. And creating a memorable horse-oriented experience for others can result in customer delight! And a happy customer will become a fan, telling others about your service. It could be a great way to drive more customers to your business.

    • Thanks, Susan, my thoughts exactly.

      Horses are special…non-horse people respond to them with awe & wonder, I’ve seen it time and again. Special events and lifestyle activities with horses, properly packaged, targeted, and offered through Facebook Deals, will be able to provide additional revenue streams once Deals is available nationwide.

      I’d like to add, while the first 5 Deals locations are cities (Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco), horse businesses within a couple hours of each can still develop ‘destination’ Deals by building in things such as transportion & accommodations. That means, make connections with car/limo services and hotels or bed & breakfasts in the area.

  4. In my opinion the answer to your title question is “Yes”.

    I just published a post on Facebook Deals today as the first installment of a five part series entitled “All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Coupon Marketing”. Tomorrow I’ll discuss Groupon and it will run through the end of the week.

    • Thanks for the heads up on your coupon marketing series, John. Your Facebook Deals post was nicely done, I liked your use of screenshots to illustrate the Deals pages. Also, your point about Facebook’s collection of demographic data allowing for targeted Deals offers, something Groupon & Living Social don’t have, was spot on. LK

  5. Thank you Lisa, I need to get up to speed on all of these new developments. I’m trying to think of what experience we could offer… hmmm.
    Equine Acupressure learning weekend at the foot of the Rockies complete with bunkhouse accommodations?

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