Monday Morning Quickie – Kentucky Leaders Breaking Bread, Getting Down To Horsebiz-ness

There’s some potentially exciting news coming from the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) this morning. An invite-only dinner for leaders of Kentucky-based equine associations has been scheduled for May 17, 2011; information gathered at that meeting will be used at a full-day strategic breakout session later in 2011.

According to the Kentucky Horse Council news release about the dinner, it’s a step in the direction of unification to strengthen the horse industry for the future.

I think this is a key point mentioned in the news release:

In a recent letter to Kentucky equine associations, KHC Board President Anna Zinkhon stated, “As leaders in the Kentucky horse industry, we must have a frank discussion about how the Kentucky horse industry does business in the coming decade.  The Kentucky horse community has often lacked the unity to provide a cohesive message.  This separation of breeds and disciplines has hampered our ability to speak with a single voice, and has limited efforts to stabilize the industry.”

Anna Zinkhon points out that the Kentucky horse community has often lacked unity, separated by breeds and disciplines. I’d add that it’s a problem for the entire horse world, which is very often silo’d by breed, discipline, interest, activity, etc.

Hmmmm…if Kentucky is taking a lead on unifying and strengthening the horse industry within its boundaries, what effect will this have on other states? What might we see as results from this dinner gathering? We’ll have to stay tuned for this one, folks.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the horse industry for the next decade? What would YOU mention if you were at that dinner table in Kentucky next month? Share your thoughts via the Leave a Comment link below.

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