52 Fridays – #15 With LinkedIn, It’s Just Business

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While I often get excited about social media and technology and the possible applications for horsebiz owners and managers, I have to say I’ve never felt particularly warm and fuzzy about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking site. I joined early on, but just never did much with it because I didn’t like the thought of other people poking around and looking through my various connections. I guess I felt the information would be accessed by people who ‘wanted’ something (a job, a sale, etc.), and I didn’t want to expose my community of people to that.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the focus of LinkedIn – the people who are looking are people who generally want something. Other people might not have that view, and with over 100 million registered users across 200 countries, I’m probably in the minority on that.

However, LinkedIn has added a number of features over the past few years that look intriguing, so I’m starting to reconsider. Plus, the horse community is getting to be a bigger presence there, so it might make sense now. I’ll let you know as I research the options.

If you’d like to check out my LinkedIn profile, here it is: Lisa Kemp on LinkedIn.com

In the meantime, if you have or are considering a LinkedIn account (it’s free, too), here are some resources for learning more; I selected these for ease of understanding and applicability to equine industry businesses.

Do you use LinkedIn? What do you like/dislike about it? Share your thoughts about LinkedIn via the Leave a Comment link below. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #16!

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4 responses to “52 Fridays – #15 With LinkedIn, It’s Just Business

  1. Believe it or not, my husband uses it as more of a Former Workplace Alumni Association. He’s used LinkedIn to renew contact with people we used to work with at our old TV station.

    • Oh, I love that! Renewing ties with folks you once had a relationship with, but might have lost contact with due to ‘life and work happens’ dynamics, is a lovely way to use LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing it, good idea! LK

  2. Lisa, I am so flattered that you posted my article as a resource on Linkedin. Social media is new to so many people and I encourage people to pick one area and learn it so that they feel comfortable with it. Linkedin started as a social network for professionals so it is comprised of a lot of decision makers and key people that could become your client or business partner. Or, they could become a resource.

    Although I do not know your industry, I would have to think that there is a certain amount of marketing involved and it may include investors. Linkedin would be an excellent place to connect – it is a matter of using the Groups and other tools to find them. Most people in Linkedin will accept a connection, particularly if you add a personal message and don’t sell to them without establishing a relationship.

    Using social media is all about helping others. I am going to Linkedin now to connect with you!

    • I’m so glad, Debbie, it was a super article! While the audience for it is insurance agents, the basics of your 5 strategies would apply to horse industry people very nicely. And good points about possible investors, etc. being on LinkedIn. The corporate world is much more active/established on LinkedIn, but the horse industry is getting there. Thank you for visiting my blog and saying hello! LK

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