Monday Morning Quickie – The Problem(s) With Facebook Page Conversions

Facebook recently began allowing business members to convert a Profile (which has a limit of 5,000 friends and was intended to be for individuals) to a business Page. If you’ve already done a conversion for your horsebiz, you might have experienced firsthand the problem(s) with this conversion. If you haven’t yet converted but are considering it, you might want to wait until the dust settles to determine if it’s really for you.

When the conversion option launched last month, many social media websites and Facebook-tracking resources wrote about it; I’m including several here for further reading:

You Can Now Convert Your Facebook Profile To A Facebook Page on

Facebook Now Allows Personal Profiles To Be Converted Into Business Pages on

Facebook Profiles Can Now Convert Into Pages on

However, when it comes to Facebook, I’m a ‘wait and see’ kinda gal, since they’ve made some really boneheaded moves and mistakes over the years. Maybe it’s just me, but my motto there is ‘proceed with caution.’ Turns out that was the right move, in this instance:

Facebook Profile Migrations: A Cautionary Tale on

A friend of mine reported that after he migrated his Profile to a Page, he lost a great deal of functionality, including the ability to install apps, plus that his iPhone Facebook app simply wouldn’t work any more, stalling at the login page. And that’s just the tip of his problem iceberg. (Update: You can read about Dr. Geoff Tucker’s Facebook conversion experience here.)


Maybe it’s just me, but my motto on Facebook is

‘proceed with caution.’


Facebook has seen the error of its ways on these conversions, and they’re now offering a ‘migration appeal process’ (explained here on to help ‘accidental’ converters recover their original Profile.

However, note the fine print on Facebook’s Profile to Business Migration Appeal page:

“Profile to business Page migrations are meant for profiles that do not represent a person. If you have accidentally migrated your profile to a Page, you can submit your request for a reversal. Please keep in mind that we will remove your business Page if your profile is restored. We may reject any appeals that we deem to be inappropriate. Further, we may not reply to all submitted appeals.

So what should you do if you’ve got a Profile but want to set up a Page for your horsebiz? Here are a couple options:

  • Keep your Profile and set up a separate business Page. Use the security settings to limit access to your Profile, and manually work to migrate people over to your new Page, which can then become your public face on Facebook. It might take time, but you won’t have the functional problems with the recent conversion process.
  • I saw a creative ‘work-around’ solution by an equestrian business that had reached their 5k limit on their Profile – they simply posted a message on their Profile that said they’d reached their limit, and included the link to their new business Page. Anyone using Facebook would likely already know about the 5k limit on friends, and wouldn’t think twice about heading over to the other link.

I realize this post has gotten a bit long, but I wanted to give you information and resources on this issue that can cause some very real, very frustrating problems. I hope it helps.

Did you have problems with a Facebook Profile to Page conversion? Share your experience here via the Leave a Comment link.



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4 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – The Problem(s) With Facebook Page Conversions

  1. Thanks for posting this Lisa — great information! I agree that it’s best to let others be pioneers in the rush to convert profiles to business pages. Sometimes the simplest solution is best (i.e. “they simply posted a message on their Profile that said they’d reached their limit, and included the link to their new business Page. “) -Sheri

    • Thanks, Sheri, glad it was useful! I know the conversion news was exciting to many who’ve waited a looooong time, but what a pain this created.

      I, too, thought that ‘we’ve reached our limit – join us here’ link & message was genius, what a simple, easy solution to Facebook’s limits. Wish I could remember what horse business it was! Enjoy your week…. LK

  2. Ronalson Filho


    I converted a profile that had ‘’ as a url, to a fanpage. But now I cant acesses the url and I cant take this url back, because it is already taken.

    What can I do? Please, I looked up for many foruns and didn’t find an way to fix this.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ronalson,
      Yes, that’s part of the problem that nearly everyone who made this conversion is experiencing. You can click here to apply for a reversal. Since it is such a big problem, it’s possible Facebook might make some changes to make it easier for people to reverse their pages back, but that’s up to them. Sorry I can’t give you more help, but that’s what I’d suggest based on the information you provided. You might want to watch to see if/when Facebook might announce any changes – I find they’re a good source of social media information. Good luck! LK

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