52 Fridays – #9 Seek Out Options For DIY and Lower-Cost Websites

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If you’ve already got a website for your horsebiz, then this week’s tip isn’t really for you. If, however, you’ve been putting off doing a website because you think it’s going to be really expensive or a whole lot of work, then read on….

A few years ago, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of website options designed for the equestrian world; now, I see many web designers who are also horse people; plug&play website design tools geared toward the equine industry that make launching & updating a website nearly painless; and easy-to-use and free tools such as WordPress.com (which I use for this blog). Here are a few to look into:

The point is, they’re out there. Do a Google search using terms such as ‘websites for equestrians’ and then see what shows up. Remember that the design and content of any website must fit into your overall marketing strategy, and accurately reflect your brand.

Do you know of DIY or low-cost website options for equestrians? Share them by clicking on the Leave A Comment link below.

You can read all the 52 Fridays posts by clicking the Sort Posts By Topic dropdown menu and selecting 52 Fridays. See you here next Friday for 52 Fridays #10!

Note: I’m not affiliated with any of these sites or businesses, other than perhaps knowing some people involved with them. I don’t receive any financial compensation for mentioning them here. As with anything, please practice your due diligence in selecting a website option for your own horsebiz.

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One response to “52 Fridays – #9 Seek Out Options For DIY and Lower-Cost Websites

  1. Thank you for the mention! Yes, I will do a custom website for equestrian businesses and I also have many other small businesses that I have designed for. Thank you again and have a blessed day. -Heather http://www.the3dpalette.com

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