Monday Morning Quickie – What Can HorseBiz Learn From The Egyptian Revolution?

(My apologies for the late post today, I’m very under the weather with a cold. However, I thought this segment on 60 Minutes was worth sharing – hope you enjoy it!)

When I’m writing about horse industry marketing, I like to draw examples from popular culture and current events; I think it helps equine professionals to understand marketing and promotion concepts and ideas. And, there’s nothing more current than the historic toppling of the Egyptian regime that occurred Feb. 11, 2011.

Last night 60 Minutes‘ leading segment was an interview with Wael Ghonim, Google marketing director for the Middle East and North Africa and a man that’s being credited with ‘sparking’ the revolution that caused Hosni Mubarak to step down after nearly 30 years as Egyptian president.

What’s interesting, and something that the horse industry can learn from, is that:

  • Ghonim used social media and Internet tools (Twitter, Facebook, texts, YouTube, Google) to communicate the issues and publicize protest locations, focusing on key issues that people were passionate about.
  • He also leveraged a television interview, following his capture and release by Egyptian forces, to speak to an increasingly motivated and galvanized populace.

You can watch the video interview with Ghonim here, or read the interview transcript here. I also found a very good blog post (thanks, WordPress Fresh Press!) at where author Mathew Ingram points out that Twitter or Facebook by themselves didn’t cause the Egyptian regime to crumble; it was the power of real-time networked communication, leveraged by the network itself and a few key leaders.

I’m not in any way diminishing the importance of what happened in Egypt over the past few weeks. I’m only saying that such outstanding use of social media, to organize and leverage a group of like-minded people, is something that the horse world can harness for keeping our industry thriving against external pressures such as land development, economic downturns, and competition from other recreational activities and industries.

What are your thoughts about the horse industry and social media? Or, about how social media was used during the Egyptian revolution? You can share them via the Leave a Comment link below.


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  1. Nelda Joy

    Lisa, keep your fire going. You have me thinking.

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