52 Fridays – #3 Make A List Of Your Resources…It Could Surprise You

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Equine business marketing is frequently viewed as an expense and a drain on finances…but what if there were a way to promote your horse biz that drew upon the wealth of resources that equestrian professionals typically have? Making a list of the resources you have access to might turn up some surprising connections and opportunities.

In the Encarta World English Dictionary (copyright 1999 Microsoft Corporation version), a ‘resource’ is defined as:

  • A reserve supply of something such as money, personnel, or equipment; and
  • Somebody who, or something that, can be used as a source of help or information.

The Encarta dictionary also includes ‘adeptness at finding solutions to problems‘ and ‘an inner ability or capacity that is drawn on in time of need‘ under the resource/resources definitions. So let’s apply some of that inner adeptness in capturing a ‘Resource Inventory‘ that can help you increase marketing effectiveness, business revenue, and bottom-line results.

Making a 'Resource Inventory' can help you be more creative in your horse biz marketing.

Below are three types of resources you can create lists for. Start with a couple under each category, and keep the list going for a week or so, jotting down things as you think of them. In addition to creating an inventory you can work with, it’s an exercise in thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to your marketing and promotion resources:

  • People Resources: This list can include past customers, vendors and contractors, and local business owners. It can include horse industry folks, such as your feed & shavings dealer, veterinarian, farrier, and local tack shop owner, and you can also list mainstream contacts, such as your doctor, dentist, insurance agent, car dealer, plumber, and electrician.
  • Skill Resources: What skills do you have? Do you have talents or expertise in areas of construction, farming or gardening, writing, teaching, or repairing things?
  • Asset Resources: These are your physical resources, such as land, buildings, storage space, horses, vehicles, equipment, etc.

You might be thinking about now, what does this have to do with marketing my horse business? The answer is, it all depends on what you have, and how you put it together. During the course of daily life, we often forget how many assets and resources we have, or we don’t view the possessions and skills we have in a way that helps us bring more of them to the table. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • If you have a heated barn with some space, you can hold a ‘wintertime open house’ combined with learning sessions during the slower months. Combine that with presentations from your farrier, veterinarian, and feed dealer, and you can all co-promote the event, expanding everyone’s marketing reach and leveraging everyone’s networks.
  • If you have beautiful grounds and buildings, contact photographers in your area and offer your facility as a shoot location for wedding parties, family portraits, and senior pictures. If you also have gorgeous horses, that could be a draw for people who might love to have their portrait taken with a horse but they simply don’t own one. This approach can also bring more people, all of them potential customers, in contact with your horse business.

Can you think of other types of resources? What resources can you identify that are under-used in your own marketing? Share them via the Leave a Comment button, and come back next week for 52 Fridays #4!


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5 responses to “52 Fridays – #3 Make A List Of Your Resources…It Could Surprise You

  1. I am really loving this series Lisa, I feel it’s a gift I get once a week from you, ideas and tips on how to improve my business. You’re the BEST! Sharing your expertise, what a treat!

    • That’s great to hear, Dexter! It’s excellent feedback and thanks for saying so. I’m really enjoying writing it, and we’re still in the early stages – lots more good stuff to come! LK

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  3. Really enjoy your 52 Fridays. Always thought provoking and full of interesting ideas. Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks! I also appreciate that you’re ‘like-ing’ the posts – helps others find me, as you know. Next week (#4) is one I’m especially looking forward to writing. Have a super weekend! LK

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