6 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – Logos You’ll Want To Look At, Again & Again

  1. Sandy

    I loved the logos! I recently came up with a logo for a friends riding barn and did a same concept of using the graphic for part of the word. You just have to remember that you have to talk with your clients and find out what they are looking for. Creative people may see the meaning, but others may think “Huh? I don’t get it.” I know when my husband was looking at a logo for his ortho practice, his marketing company came up with some wonderful logos, but he did not get the concepts. I finally gave them a direction that they could use and he’d understand.

    • Good points, Sandy! Right on, we’re not all alike, don’t think similarly nor look at things in the same way.

      Do you take into account your clients’ target customers as well as the clients? Have you ever done focus group surveys on logos you’ve worked on or produced for clients? Thanks for sharing….LK

  2. Quite a bunch of interesting logos. The “Fold It’ logo is very inventive. The ‘Antisocial Network’ and the ‘Uck’ logos aren’t really my faves, but they do get their message across. As I am not familiar with ‘Mill’, I don’t see any correlation with the logo and the company. I think this is one of the weakest logos, because without the explanation you can’t tell that it is supposed to spell ‘mill’ because there is no dot over the i. If I saw it alone , I wouldn’t have any idea that it is supposed to be represent a word.

    • Great point, Susan, that the logo should have a clear correlation to the company it’s representing, and be clear to the audience. If you have to explain a logo, well, most people just won’t give you the opportunity. Thanks for sharing….LK

  3. Meghan

    I have a bunch of bookmarks of logos and websites for inspiration. This is one of my faves pink flamingo farm

    • Thanks for sharing that, Meghan! I agree, awesome logo, would look super on a dark t-shirt or embroidered onto the back of a fleece vest as well as the typical print/Web site usages.

      The LogoFaves.com site seems like it would also be a good resource for horse business owners looking to ‘get inspired’ about logos. Thanks! LK

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