Monday Morning Quickie – Get The Most From Your Logo

Logos are very helpful in the business world – they convey in ‘shorthand’ what your business is about. You can put logos on just about anything, from letterhead to gift items for clients.

These days, your logo can even serve as your ‘avatar’ image on social media such as Twitter and Facebook; setting up your logo as a Gravatar, a globally recognized avatar that will ‘follow’ you and show up when you post at places like blogs and Web forums, is a smart strategy and very easy to do.

Since you’ll have a logo for some time, it pays to consider the design, and the designer, carefully.

  • Bookmark sites with logos you admire, or copy and paste them into a document (with the URL for follow-up!), or print them out and put them into a paper file for discussion with your logo designer. Having some ideas helps provide a starting point for what you do and don’t want in your own logo.
  • Find out who designed the logos you like, and whether they can design a logo for you within your budget. Most designers will provide you with a few variations to consider initially, plus a final version.
  • A good logo designer will spend time asking about your business, both current operations and your vision into the future.
  • They’ll also ask how you plan to use the logo; the more detailed & ornate a logo is, the less satisfactory results can be when you do something like screenprinting or embroidery (for example, on a t-shirt or fleece vest, etc.)

There are some options for free & low-cost designs on the Web; simply google ‘free logo design’ to find them. The caveat is that these can sometimes look ‘same-y’ especially if you’re using a template that other horse businesses might use; the upside is that it can get you rolling at a low cost, and once your cashflow improves you can launch a logo redesign.

It’s especially helpful to have logo files in a variety of sizes and resolutions, and both with white backgrounds and no backgrounds, so your logo can be used in a variety of ways. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to use a logo as an overlay on an image or document, and having your only version be one with a big white box surrounding it!

Logo files can be used as watermarks on documents or images; set up as letterhead, envelope, and label templates; printed onto Avery iron-on transfers for small quantities of custom logo gifts for clients; used in Web banner ads and messages on your Web site; and any number of other applications.

How do you use logo files for your horse business? If you have an idea I didn’t share here, send me a message via the Comments on this page, and I’ll post the ideas!


Happy Holidays to all my readers and subscribers, and thanks for a great first year on my blog! I appreciate all your comments and support, and look forward to sharing even more great marketing stuff in 2011. Be safe and warm, and enjoy your time with two- and four-legged loved ones!  Lisa





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7 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – Get The Most From Your Logo

  1. Great points and suggestions. I still don’t have a ‘logo’ … but I do have an identity. Maybe I’ll do a logo in 2011. (I think I said that last year!)

    • Hi Susie, I really like your ‘Horsealicious’ blog masthead, and the ‘feel’ of it is very in keeping with what you’re up to. A logo might be the next step for you, but if you’re happy, work is good, and things are evolving, it sounds like you’re in good shape. That said, could a logo be the ‘next step’ in taking your biz to a new level?

  2. Great article and full of useful information. I plan to develop an additional product in 2011 and will be looking for logo ideas and creative designers to do the job. Thanks!

    • Hi Marie, glad to hear you found some useful information. Good luck on your new product launch, that sounds exciting! You can check back from time to time, I’ll be sharing more info about logos in the weeks and months to come.

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