Monday Morning Quickie – Leveraging The Holidays

We’re deep in the thick of the holiday season. This morning’s local TV news said that holiday spending (especially online spending) was significantly up this year despite the economy, and that Fed-Ex was expecting today to have the heaviest single-day traffic in the company’s ENTIRE history.

How can a small-ish equine business capture a share of that enormous holiday gift-giving spirit? Through building a marketing strategy that remembers the holidays throughout the year. Here are a couple tips to get you thinking in that direction….

  • Get to know your customers, how many horses they have, what they’re in the market for, what’s on their wishlist. Have a client who’s been drooling over a new pair of riding boots or a new show bridle? If you know that information, and develop a way to reach out to their family & friends who might be racking their brains for the perfect gift, your client could have something he or she really wants in their stocking this year.
  • Remember ‘Christmas Clubs’ and layaway? They can work for a horse business, too! Most people don’t think of ‘layaway’ options these days, much less in connection with horses. Do you offer larger-ticket goods or services that horse folk might WANT, but yet don’t purchase because it seems financially out-of-reach? Develop a layaway program, or a lease-to-buy option, and promote it throughout the year as well as at holiday time. It could work with things like stud fees & mare care costs, training clinic fees, or ???? Breaking down a larger cost into manageable bites could help you grow your revenues or welcome newcomers to your client list.

Why should department stores or Web sites reap all the benefits of holiday shopping and spending? With some advance planning and a bit of strategy, equine businesses can provide a variety of ways to give horse people what they want most at holiday time….even more horse stuff!


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One response to “Monday Morning Quickie – Leveraging The Holidays

  1. What a great post. I’m in the equine services industry so instead of having layaway, I’m offering gift certificates in any amount for the horse business owner. I do custom website & graphic design and it’s hard to sell at Christmas, so I’ve started the gift certificate program!

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