Monday Morning Quick Tip – The Humble Postcard…As Marketing Tool?

Greetings, and Happy Holidays wherever you are in the world!

Today let’s consider the humble postcard and its use as a marketing tool. We’ve all sent postcards home to loved ones from our vacation spots, pictures of sun-kissed beaches or landmark sites or funny images of who-knows-what. They’re meant to connect you with the recipient, whether in a ‘wish you were here’ moment, or a ‘look where I am and you’re not’ kind of way. But today, postcards aren’t JUST for vacations any more. They can be used in your day-to-day equine business marketing.

One-sided postcards, with an attention-getting image and your business logo on the printed side, can have all kinds of uses: Thank-you cards, event announcements, coupons, gift certificates, bookmarkers, tradeshow booth wallpaper – the list of possibilities might not be endless, but it’s only limited by your imagination when just one side of a postcard is printed:

  • Thank-you cards: Write your thank-you or message on 1/2 of the unprinted side, address and stamp it, and stick it into the outgoing mail.
  • Event announcements, coupons, gift certificates: Using labels from the office supply store, you can print just about anything and stick it onto the blank side of the postcard. Or, have stampers made up and stamp your message on the blank side.
  • Bookmarkers: Depending on the front image, you can cut cards in half, punch a hole in one end for some ribbon, and put a sticker with your business information on the blank side. Laminate first if you like. Business cards often get ‘filed’ or forgotten, but a nice bookmark can be used over and over again, keeping your business in front of the user.
  • Tradeshow booth wallpaper: We’ve all seen the backgrounds for post-game sports interviews and red carpet walks, with logos splashed all over to get added exposure. If you’ve got a blank tradeshow booth wall, why not sprinkle some of your postcards across it? For the really bold, you can even go with a full-on wallpaper effect.

The biggest cost in traditional paper printing is the set-up; once that’s done, the paper cost for a few hundred, or few thousand, extra is minimal. Well-designed postcards printed on thick paper stock can provide a boost to your brand without breaking the bank.

If your business strives to be ‘green’ you can find a printer that’ll use recycled paper and soy-based inks for your cards – be sure to include that message on the printed side design!

The point is, whether you’re on a budget or not, postcards can have a place in your marketing strategy as a way to connect you with your potential customer in a ‘wish you were here with us’ marketing moment.

What are some ways YOU can think of to use one-sided postcards in your equine business marketing? Post ’em here in the Comments section!



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3 responses to “Monday Morning Quick Tip – The Humble Postcard…As Marketing Tool?

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  2. Great ideas! People so rarely get cards or letters in the post anymore. Receiving a nice thank you card by mail – even for customers you see on a regular basis – is a nice touch. Something nice to do in the new year when people are receiving those Christmas bills in their mailboxes.

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