Monday Morning Quickie – Is Public Relations Like A Trail Of Breadcrumbs?

This past weekend I experienced a perfect example of the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ I often see in modern-day public relations, and that I spoke about during my recent Equestrian Lifestyle Expo talk on stretching the marketing budget for the equestrian business.

I’d arranged for one of my clients, equestrian photographer Gabriele Boiselle, to be a special ‘Black Friday’ guest on the Horses In The Morning (HITM) show on Horse Radio Network Internet radio; they were looking for a unique guest, one they could have an extended, 30 minute chat with (normal segments are about 10 minutes), and Gabriele’s schedule allowed for it, so everything fell into place there.

The interview went very well, and despite traveling through rural Wisconsin and losing my Internet connection every few minutes, I caught most of it. Later that day, I tweeted about it via my Twitter account (@KempEquine), including a link to the archived version of the show. I also published a news release about the interview via the American Horse Publications (AHP) newsgroup, which sends news releases to all AHP members and most of the equine industry media outlets.

Then, later during the Thanksgiving weekend, I discovered that my tweet, and mention of Gabriele and the HITM interview, made it into The #photographer Daily, an online ‘paper’ that collects information and resources from various sources, including tweets that include subjects with ‘hashtags’ (#), which makes them a searchable topic. Plus, it got tweeted again with a link and mentioned my @KempEquine twitter name:

Tweet from The #photographer Daily

To me, PR is sometimes like a trail of breadcrumbs…you have to watch what’s ahead of you on the trail, and look for the opportunities to get the word out. Plus, don’t be afraid to start small, since one thing can definitely lead to another.

I’ll keep you posted on where this particular trail leads! In the meantime, if you’d like to listen to Gabriele’s interview on HITM, click here.

Image courtesy Edition Boiselle



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One response to “Monday Morning Quickie – Is Public Relations Like A Trail Of Breadcrumbs?

  1. Great post! Funny how these things work out. But they have no chance doing so unless someone puts the info out there.

    PS: I love the photo of the horses checking out Gabrielle’s camera lens.

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